Recruitment of 5 rookies, including Kim Jae-min and Park Joo-seung from Jeju and Youth, “Jae-mok to lead the future.”

Jeju United, a professional soccer team, has strengthened its squad by signing five rookie players as preferred designations and free starters.랭크카지노주소

Jeju recruited five rookies to strengthen its strength in the 2024 season and to operate the team smoothly according to the rules for playing under 22 (U-22). It said on the 3rd, “We signed a contract with Jaemin Kim and Park Joo-seung from Jeju’s under-18 (U-18) team as the first candidates, and Baek Seung-heon, Jo In-jeong and Won Hee-do as free starters.”

Jaemin Kim is a midfielder from the Jeju U-18 team. Based on his solid physique of 1m79cm and 71kg and a lot of activities, he is said to have excellent game management ability in offense and defense. He played for Sungkyunkwan University until last year.

Park is also a rising star from the Jeju U-18 team. With a well-balanced physique of 1m78cm and fast speed of 69kg, Park is a multi-resource on the side that can play both wing forward and wingback. Notably, he played an active part in the U-League 2 last year, and promoted Calvin University to U-League 1.

Baek Seung-heon is a wing forward from Osan High School. He has a sluggish physique of 1m72cm and 67kg, and boasts excellent penetration through space and penetration using his explosive speed. He also has outstanding chance-making skills in scoring areas. He has great potential as he was selected to the list of outstanding U-18 teams in Korean high schools in October last year.

Jo In-jung is a midfielder from Sinpyeong High School and has a good physique of 1m84cm·75kg. In the U-18 national team, he actively used his left foot kick and also played as a sideback.

Won Hee-do is a midfielder from Jinwi FC. At 1m87cm and 71kg, he is in good physical condition, and his ball touch and connection play are stable. At the 2023 Gold Seok-bae National High School Championship, he received attention by receiving the Best Player Award.

“They are all rookies with outstanding talent. They are not only players who will play in the U-22 but also players who will lead the future of Jeju. Personally, I have high expectations,” Jeju coach Kim Hak-beom said through his team.

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