Rebellion of the Unsung Heroes: ‘Undefeated’ to the Finals

It’s finally tomorrow.

The U20 World Cup team will take on Italy for a spot in the final.

Just a month ago, expectations weren’t high, and the pressure was on our players, especially since they had just won the tournament four years ago.

But we’ve made it to the quarterfinals without losing a single game on merit, not name value.

Now we just need to overcome one more hurdle to challenge for the title again.

Exactly one month ago.

The atmosphere was very different from now.

Nerves and excitement were mixed, but finishing runner-up in the last tournament was a huge burden.

[Kim Eun-joong/U-20 national soccer team coach (last month)]
“Actually, it’s a runner-up result because this is the kind of performance we can do once in a few decades.”

Even their first opponent was France, ranked second in the FIFA rankings.

But the drama the team prepared for was intense from the start.

Everyone had a hard time, and they were pushed throughout the game.

We won through counterattacks and set pieces.

Through the first game against Honduras, where they didn’t give up after conceding two goals and eventually drew, the team passed the group stage with unwavering organization despite changing seven players.

[Hwang In-Taek/U-20 National Team]
“We will not be complacent and prepare well so that we can continue to go to the quarterfinals and semifinals.”

With each passing match, the players grew stronger.

They believed in each other and were full of confidence.

We got past the round of 16 with some fantastic goals and individual performances.

And in the quarterfinals, they even 안전놀이터 beat Nigeria in overtime with a one-shot, one-kill victory.

The only unbeaten team in the tournament.

The national team reached the quarterfinals in style.

[Kim Eun-joong/U-20 National Team Head Coach]
“It was a difficult game, and I want to thank our players, all 21 of them, for overcoming it.”

With skill, not name value.

With organization, not glamor.

They are making new history in Korean soccer.

I’m Kim Soo-geun, MBC News.

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