Protecting the pride of K League 1… Suwon FC, Kangwon Survives the Cliffs

The Hana One Q K League 2023 schedule has come to an end. The second round of the Promotion Playoffs (PO) on September 9 determined the teams that will compete in the 2024 season.

Suwon FC and Gangwon FC were successful in staying in the K League 1, while Busan I-Park and Gimpo FC had their promotion dreams dashed. Only Suwon Samsung, who finished last in the K League 1 this season, suffered the humiliation of relegation.

Suwon FC managed to stay up in dramatic fashion. After losing 1-2 in the first leg of the promotion PO on June 6, Suwon FC entered the second leg at a disadvantage. To make matters worse, ‘Ace’ Lee Seung-woo was sent off for accumulating cautions in the first leg and was unable to play in the second leg.

Back at home, the second leg didn’t start well either. They conceded a goal in the first 15 minutes. However, in the second half, Kim Hyun and Lee Young-jae scored back-to-back goals to extend the game. In overtime, it was Suwon FC’s time to shine. They scored a whopping three goals in Yeonjeong alone to secure their stay. Suwon FC showed a lot of heart, scoring five goals in the second half and extra time alone.

Suwon FC head coach Kim Do-gyun cried tears of joy after the victory. “I think it was a miracle because the players showed their fighting spirit and didn’t give up. I think it was a miracle that the players showed their commitment and didn’t give up.”레모나토토 주소

“We stayed up, but I think we need to remember this pain well and build a team that can stay in the first division without this pain next year. I ask for a lot of support and encouragement in the future,” he added.

Suwon has avoided relegation for both clubs. Suwon Samsung suffered the humiliation of their first ever relegation, finishing at the bottom of the K League 1. Suwon FC dramatically survived and maintained its reputation as the “soccer capital of Korea.

At the same time, at Gangneung Sports Complex, Gangwon FC stayed up with a 2-1 win over Gimpo FC. Gangwon was led by two goals from Gabriel, a foreign striker brought in during last summer’s transfer window.Tears again

Busan failed to return to the K League 1 after a four-year absence. Busan, which has been around since the inception of professional soccer in 1983, won four league titles (1984-1987-1991-1997) and one FA Cup (2004) during its stints as the Daewoo Royals and Busan Icons. In 2015, they met Suwon FC in the promotion PO, becoming the first corporate club to be relegated. They returned to the top division in 2019 by beating Gyeongnam FC in the promotion PO, but were relegated again the following year after finishing last. This season, the team maintained its lead and increased its chances of promotion. However, they missed out on the title when they drew with Chungbuk Cheongju in the league final on March 26. They then slipped out of the promotion POs, pushing their promotion to next year.

“Of the two (promotion chances), the last game of the league is more disappointing,” said Busan coach Park Jin-seop, who missed out on promotion. We should have ended it there,” he said, adding, “I’m sorry that the fans wanted promotion so much, but we couldn’t achieve it.”

He added: “The players have performed above and beyond expectations throughout the year. I want to praise them for coming this far, so thank you. We’ll do a good job and be a team that can challenge for promotion again next year.”

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