Preparing for the introduction of robot referees in high school baseball… Bidding for selection of associations and agencies

Reporter Han Nam-jik = The Korea Baseball Softball Association is preparing to introduce an automatic ball strike judgment system (robot referee) to high school baseball.

On the 13th, the association said, “We are bidding for a high school baseball referee operating agency.” It is promoted to prevent corruption in the entrance exam, one of the four major sports evils, in advance.”

The company selected in this bidding will oversee and take charge of all robot referee operations for the 2023 National High School Baseball Championship, including planning for the operation of an automatic ball and strike judgment system, program development, and setting up a high school baseball strike zone.

The association said, “As we are planning to introduce automatic ball and strike judgment for the National High School Baseball Championship in 2023, we are planning to conduct pre-training for selected companies and referees, and demonstrations for high school coaches to implement a suitable and accurate system.” Based on field feedback and accumulated data during the season, we plan to promote and develop future development plans.” 메이저사이트

Companies wishing to participate in the bidding must prepare the necessary documents such as proposals and submit them to the Korea Baseball Softball Association by 3:00 pm on February 28th.

The robot referee, whose official name is ‘Automatic Strike/Ball Judgment System’, is currently being piloted in the Minor League of American Professional Baseball and the Futures (Second Division) League of Korea Professional Baseball (KBO). The machine judges strikes and balls, delivers them to the referee, and the referee informs the players.

In international competitions organized by the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC), automatic strike ball judgment is not yet operated.

The Korea Baseball Softball Association submitted an application for support for operating a robot referee to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and passed the screening.

If Korean high school baseball operates robot referees in actual matches, it can attract the attention of the baseball world.

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