Participation in defense in connection + Satisfaction with attitude… Pohang waits for Zeca’s first goal

Pohang Steelers are waiting for Jeka to score.

Jeka wore the Pohang uniform this season. In his last season, he scored 7 goals and 7 assists in 28 appearances for Daegu FC. Jeka is Pohang’s main forward striker this season. However, Zeca has yet to score in four matches.

However, he is not worried too much. Jeka was unable to complete his winter training due to injuries and childbirth problems, but he performed above expectations in four games. Coach Kim Ki-dong is also giving the team enough playing time. He averages 80.5 minutes per game with 322 minutes in 4 games. Manager Kim and the club are also quite satisfied with Jeka’s performance. After the departure of Ilyuchenko (FC Seoul), Pohang suffered from the absence of a foreign striker in the forefront. Nevertheless, Pohang has produced results. 온라인카지노

This season, he is with a reliable front-line striker. Zeca is scoreless but has two assists. In the opening game against Daegu FC, he helped Jeong Jae-hee score with an accurate ground ball cross following a side play. He also assisted Lee Ho-jae’s goal against Gangwon FC in the 4th round. It was not recorded as an assist, but in the second round against Suwon FC, it contributed to Ko Young-jun’s score with a sensational penetrating pass following the play.

Although he is a striker, he is good at linking and altruistic play. He is also active on defense. He is not an orthodox striker, but he is not only upfront, but also has excellent side play and passing skills. He can be seen as a striker worthy of Pohang football. He seems to work well with Jung Jae-hee, Kim Seung-dae, and Jeong Jae-hee, who are good at targeting space behind the opponent’s defense. In addition, Jeka, armed with sincerity and integrity, is highly regarded within the club in terms of his training attitude and life.

Pohang scored five goals in the opening two matches, but only scored one goal in the following two games. Fortunately, Jeka’s backup Lee Ho-jae helped the team by scoring three goals. Starting with Jeonbuk Hyundai in April, Pohang has to meet tough opponents in a row, including Ulsan Hyundai and FC Seoul. We finished March undefeated, but the real test should be seen from now on.

In Pohang, Lee Ho-jae, Jung Jae-hee and Ko Young-jun tasted the goals. It is positive that the second line resources are also participating in scoring at an early point. If Jeka’s score is added here, Pohang’s offensive destructive power can be further doubled.

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