Part of the Osimdo game is an old saying, a losing referee

The problem of refereeing decisions, which is almost forgettable, is once again raising eyebrows among sports fans.안전놀이터

First of all, in Korea’s most popular sports KBO League, a referee involved in controversy over ABS (automatic ball judgment system), which was first introduced this season, was terminated.

The strike thrown by NC pitcher Lee Jae-hak during the game between Samsung and NC on the 14th was judged to be a strike by ABS, but the controversy began when the referee ruled it a ball.

The judges reached an agreement on the fourth trial, and their conversation was broadcasted as it was. It was a shocking story, saying, “Say you heard the voice. That’s all we have to get out of.” It was a remark that was tantamount to trying to cover up their mistakes, and baseball fans caused outrage all at once.

With no excuses, KBO also took quick action. Five days after the incident, the referee who made the remarks in question was terminated and the other two were given a three-month rule.

Around the same time, the issue of distrust of referees emerged in basketball this time.

The basketball-related community was greatly affected by the controversy over biased judgment after the game, and DB coach Kim Joo-sung, who lost the game, also expressed his dissatisfaction.

Professional basketball also maintains a video reading system like other professional sports, but it was useless because the right to use it was only for referees.

At manager Kim Joo-sung’s request to investigate whether the team made a wrong judgment, the KBL started reviewing and recognized 12 out of 40 items that the DB had submitted as wrong judgment. As the DB lost 90-102 on the day, the result of the game could have changed if the ruling had gone well. However, the KBL announced that it has no plan to discipline these referees.

It is an era in which machines are judged more accurately than human eyes. No matter how famous a reputation is, it is impossible to get a 100% probability of a decision made every moment.

The absurd adage that misjudgment is part of the game has long ceased. Notably, there were quite a few cases in which a coach or an athlete criticizes a decision and puts authority first.

As a result, fans’ complaints grew louder and a system was introduced that borrowed the power of machines such as VAR and ABS. Now, judgment is much fairer than in the past. However, fans are raising their voices that the scope of judgment should be widened whenever a misjudgment occurs. Fans do not come to the stadium to raise eyebrows at the wrong judgment because they want a fair match based on accurate judgment.

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