Park Hae-min, who rushed home with that ball, said, “Even Koo Bon-hyuk, who couldn’t stop, was behind me, but he was bold enough to win.”

LG Twins’ Park Hae-min’s sensible base running brought the finishing win. LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop was happy, saying, “Park Hae-min’s bold base running made him one win.”

LG defeated the Lotte Giants 6-5 at a home game held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Tuesday. It was the fourth walk-off victory this season alone.고소득알바

The game fluctuated in the ninth inning.

LG gave up an RBI timely hit in the top of the ninth inning when closing pitcher Yoo Young-chan doubled to lead-off hitter Kim Min-sung and allowed the follow-up Junghoon Lee to chase 5-4 below the chin. Victor Reyes and Jeon Jun-woo struck out and hit an error, respectively, but gave up three consecutive walks to Son Ho-young following Choi Hang and Park Seung-wook with two outs and third base to allow a tie.

Lotte closer Kim Won-joong was also shaken.

The starting and ending of LG’s walk-off victory were the first batter Park Hae-min. He hit a hit to Lotte’s Kim Won-joong and opened the door. LG staged a series of sacrifice bunt operations in subsequent at-bats between Shin Min-jae and Hong Chang-ki, but got on base with all walks amid Kim Won-joong’s difficulties in controlling the ball.

And with the bases loaded with no outs, Ahn Ik-hoon’s hit slightly over the shortstop’s height and headed to the outfield. Lotte center fielder Kim Min-seok ran out and managed to catch it, but the position of the catch was unstable. Park Hae-min did not miss this opportunity and rushed home after tag-up. Kim Min-seok’s throw could not be done concisely and quickly. Park Hae-min’s hand, who played head-first sliding, took the home plate first.

It was a baserunning that could not be easily challenged unless it was Park Hae-min.

“As an outfielder, my opponent’s position was unstable, so I thought it would be a win at home. That’s why I bet the game.” He attempted to tag up the moment the ball headed to the outfield, but if he missed the ball in that position and became a hit, he thought it would not be too late to aim for home then.

“If the first batter is out without a run and the bases loaded with no outs, it will put pressure on subsequent batters as well. That’s why I bet the game a little more boldly. Of course, there were (Kim) Hyun-soo, who had a good batting performance (with four consecutive hits), and Koo Bon-hyuk (No. 4) that no one could stop him in April, but I just looked forward and ran,” Park said.

When Park Hae-min was at first base, Kim Won-joong threw a check ball several times, and he said, “I had no intention of stealing, so I thought, ‘Let’s not die in check ball’. Rather, I adjusted the lead width when I saw the opponent shaking.”

LG, which returned to a .500 winning percentage in the game the previous day (16th), recorded 11 wins and 10 losses in the bottom of the ninth inning amid Park Hae-min’s base running.

LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “Park Hae-min’s bold base running made one win,” adding, “Today was an important point in the race (one season), and I’m glad I won.”

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