Parents and children become one through sports

On the morning of the 4th, while watching the video by chance, I read the article I had previously written. In August 2019, I still have fresh memories of going down to Uiseong, Gyeongsangbuk-do with the HBC youth team and players, coaches Kwon Hyuk-don and Han Sang-hoon, and donating talent for 2 nights and 3 days.

Uiseong, Gyeongsangbuk-do, is considered to be the first city to disappear in Korea due to rapid population aging. Right there, I volunteered with HBC players. At the request of coach Kwon Hyuk-don, a junior he cherishes, he visited Uiseong-gun and spent time donating his talent to teach local children how to play baseball.

Director Kwon Hyuk-don said, ‘I want to teach baseball to children in Uiseong, North Gyeongsang Province, who have not had much experience with baseball,’ and suggested that we join. First of all, it is to form a local community through baseball for local children from Uiseong, Yecheon, and nearby Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do, and to help children maintain good relationships with friends through baseball.

On the last day, HBC players and Uiseong children who love baseball divided into two teams and played a game. The Uiseong youth baseball team had so many players who had a talent for baseball that it was unbelievable that it was a team of children who were pure hobbies without elite players.

On this day, there were about 50 parents sitting on the bench, and it was the parents who were more enthusiastic and cheering than their children. Most parents are people who know something about baseball. When his child hit a double and went one base, he jumped from the bench to the ground and cheered, shouting, “Go one more base quickly.” I saw parents and children become one through sports.

I was also watching the players and their parents working hard and cheering. Suddenly, director Kwon Hyuk-don called me. HBC players, staff, and 30 members of the Uiseong Children’s Baseball Team who love baseball Finally, there are 50 parents and the head of state, and coach Kwon Hyuk-don said, “Coach Man-soo Lee is the last to show a batting demonstration at bat.” Regardless of who came first, all the players and their parents shouted and cheered.

Over the past five years, he has torn ligaments in both of his shoulders in several places while showing catchers a demonstration and going out to donate his talent. I kept putting off the surgery date due to my busy schedule every day, so I couldn’t even think of throwing a batting ball and batting demonstration, which I like.

It was very embarrassing. With more than 100 people waiting like this, I couldn’t help but grab a baseball bat, wondering if I would be able to hit it. When I hit the first foul, honestly, my left shoulder hurt as if it would break. Still, the children shouted “Lee Man-soo, Lee Man-soo” next to me, but I couldn’t give up. I hit the second time again and I fouled again. It was difficult because his shoulder hurt, but he wanted to do his best until the end, so he tried again.

He hit the last third and hit a home run that hit so well like a lie. How good it feels to go around a diamond… There was another pleasure and joy compared to when I hit hundreds of home runs during my active career.

No matter how hot the weather was, I was a player who was excited to sweat as long as I wore a baseball uniform. How good was the taste of a home run I hadn’t hit in a very long time. It felt like I was back to my old days. Even though I became a grandfather, I enjoy playing baseball the most. 온라인바카라

Now all these things are becoming memories. On December 14 last year, I went down to Daegu and played against juniors from my alma mater and graduates. An acquaintance filmed the scene of the game that day and sent it to me, and to be honest, I was surprised to see if the swing of a 65-year-old was correct. Watching the video with her wife, her wife says, “Her competitive spirit from her youth still doesn’t change as she gets older.”

As I said before, even though I am in my late 60s, well past my 60th birthday, I am only thinking about baseball with the passion of a young man in my 20s and 30s. When I think of baseball, I still feel a shiver all over my body. My strength rises and my heart flutters.

Even while sleeping, when the thought of baseball in Southeast Asia, which I dreamed of, flashes through my mind, I suddenly wake up unable to calm my excitement. I do not know. what makes me move like this…

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