Over forty, every day is wrong. 42.5-year-old Herman and 41.4-year-old Guida, defeated but want to fight again

Ed Herman and Clay Guida are the best in the UFC. Born in 1980, Herman is about a year older, but his MMA experience is the same 20 years, and he entered the UFC in 2006, the same.

Herman, 42.5 years old, and Guida, 41.4 years old, took to the stage at ‘UFC on ESPN 44′ in Kansas City on the 16th, but were completely defeated by young fighters more than 10 years younger. Herman lost to Jack Cummings in a light heavyweight match by TKO in 4 minutes and 14 seconds in the third round, and was unable to continue his three-game winning streak. Herman allowed more than 100 effective hits, dragged around from start to finish, and then the hawks piled up in the third inning, so he couldn’t continue the game. Herman landed 54 fists, half of Cummings’. Guida beat Scott Holtzman last December and recorded a victory at the age of 41.카지노사이트 However, the young Rafa Gracia, 13 years younger than him, who fought that day, was full of energy. From the beginning to the end, he harassed Guida with fists without a break. Guida also stretched out his fist without losing, but it wasn’t even halfway there. Guida had 63 effective hits at most, but Gracia had 141. Gracia clearly read Guida’s movements and punched him. Guida jumped in and was hit, then hit again as he ran away. All three assistant referees declared Gracia a unanimous decision victory, 30-27. Herman ended his 43 fights in MMA with a defeat. He has 27 wins and 16 losses in MMA and 13 wins and 12 losses in UFC. He recently won three consecutive victories, but his body could not move smoothly, perhaps because it was the first game in a year and seven months.

Guida fought his 61st fight in MMA. He compiled a record of 38 wins and 23 losses in MMA and 18 wins and 17 losses in UFC. Although he was completely defeated, he showed his veteran fighting spirit to the fullest by sticking out his fist until the end.

In martial arts that require strong physical strength, 40 is the breaking point. Last year, Glover Teixeira became the light heavyweight champion at the age of 40, but that was a very special case. Just as Teixeira lost the title in the first defense match due to lack of stamina, it is a difficult age for his career as a player.

It was Herman’s last fight in the UFC under his contract. But I have no plans to quit. If the UFC gives me a contract for just one or two fights, I plan to play again. Guida also said that he still has strength.

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