“Osimen, worth 406 billion… There is no big difference from Mbafe”, a journalist’s conclusion

 Reporter Kwak Himchan = An Italian journalist emphasized that there is no big difference between Victor Osimen (Napoli) and Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain).

Italian media ‘Area Napoli’ said on the 6th (local time), “Journalist and former director of ‘Tuto Sport’ Paolo De Paola spoke to radio ‘Punto Nuovo’ about Napoli having a great season.” said. 먹튀검증

Napoli is in first place this season by an overwhelming margin. The gap between them and Inter Milan in second place is 13 points. 3rd place AS Roma coach Jose Mourinho even acknowledged Napoli’s victory early on. With solid organization from the front to the back, Napoli are one of the strongest teams on the European stage this season.

Napoli’s rise was largely due to Osimen’s excellent scoring ability. Osimen currently leads the league with 16 goals. However, it was argued that this Osimen is not much different from Mbappe.

De Paola concluded, “Osimen is worth at least 300 million euros (approximately 406 billion won). I don’t think Osimen is much different from Mbappe.”

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