“One more surgery → give up pitching.” Ohtani, how long will you be pitching and hitting?

Shohei Ohtani (29), who recently signed an astronomical 10-700 million-dollar contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, expressed his thoughts on pitching and hitting.

Ohtani talked about his right elbow surgery and future pitching and hitting in an interview with NHK in Japan on the 24th.월카지노

On this day, Ohtani said, “I want to continue my best performance for a long time. The best thing is to continue my 10-year pitching and batting career.”

“I can’t guarantee that no player has worked as a pitcher for such a long time, but I can say with confidence that I will do my best,” he said.

There was only one premise. “I had my second surgery as a pitcher,” Ohtani said. “If the same symptoms are repeated, I will give up on pitching.”

In other words, if he undergoes surgery on his right elbow again, he will give up pitching and concentrate on hitting the batter. This is to continue playing as a batter for a long time.

Ohtani injured his right elbow while pitching and batting during the last season and was put on an operating table. He can play in the opening game of the 2024 season as a batter, but he will skip the entire 2024 season as a pitcher.

Ohtani, who will make his LA Dodgers debut in the Seoul Series, said, “We plan to make it while discussing with club officials and team doctors to achieve the best performance.”

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