“Oh, as expected!” Right-hander’s 2nd inning scoreless 3K perfect pitch in the 4th year, “Blue Blood Ace” exclamations continued

At a practice match between the Samsung Lions and the Chunichi Dragons held at Akama Ball Park in Okinawa, Japan on Wednesday, Won Tae-in, the ace of blue blood, gave exclamations to right-hander Hong Seung-won in his fourth year as a guest commentator.유흥알바

After graduating from Seongnam High School, he was drafted by Samsung in the second and sixth rounds in 2021, and he has never played in the first division since his debut. He pitched in 73 games and has five wins, one loss, four saves and 11 holds with an ERA of 5.35.

According to a team official who supports the team at the Okinawa Spring Camp in Japan, first-team pitching coach Chung Min-tae watched Hong Seung-won’s bullpen pitching and praised him dryly, saying, “The ball is the best (among pitchers participating in the Okinawa spring camp in Japan).”

Coach Jung Min-tae also actively recommended the production team of the club’s YouTube channel “Lions TV,” which plays with its feet to capture the images of Samsung players sweating hard at the Okinawa Spring Camp in Japan, saying, “You must interview Hong Seung-won.”

Compliments from coach Jung Min-tae, a former 124-win legend, are not just lip service. He said, “First of all, my control has improved a lot. I have the advantage of hitting from the top because the angle of the breaking ball is good and the RBI is high.”

Coach Chung Min-tae, who said Hong Seung-won is more suitable for pitching as a starting pitcher, said, “The pitching style is perfect when he throws in the middle. He will be able to grow into a pitcher who can completely block two innings.”

When Hong took the mound as the fifth pitcher in the eighth inning when his team was losing 3-10 to 10, Won said, “Our Seung-won is here.” When Hong struck out the first batter with a powerful pitch, he said, “Oh, as expected, our Seung-won. I think Coach Jung Min-tae will be in a good mood today.”

When Hong struck out two batters in a row, Won said, “Oh, oh, I’m really curious about the coach’s facial expression after today. As expected of Seung-won!” Won said, “Because he has high RBIs, the falling breaking ball power is better. If he can improve his ball control, he can play in the first team immediately.”

On the day, Hong displayed his eye-purifying pitching by allowing one hit, three strikeouts and no run in two innings. Samsung lost 4-10 to the Chunichi Dragons, but Hong’s performance was comforting.

Meanwhile, coach Park Jin-man said, “It was my first practice game in spring camp, but I still have a bad sense of practice because I only trained every day,” adding, “I will try to raise my sense of practice through practice games in the future and identify and supplement my shortcomings.”

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