“No. 8 in March → No. 1 in April.” Is Samsung a roller coaster? Last place in home win rate – No. 1 in away win rate

How can they be so polar opposite? The Samsung Lions are like a roller coaster this season.

Samsung suffered an extreme slump in the opening minutes. It was happy to win both of its opening two consecutive regular-season games against the KT Wiz. However, it fell to the bottom of the standings right after the opening series, as it lost one game, drew a tie, and lost seven consecutive games.

Samsung, however, began to see itself in April. It had a 2-1 win-win series against the KIA Tigers in early April, before sweeping the Lotte Giants in three consecutive away games in Busan. In April alone, it had one win for five consecutive games, two wins for four consecutive games, and one win for three consecutive games. The losing streak is short and there have been many wins.먹튀검증

The results proved Samsung’s monthly performance in March was 8th among the 10 teams with two wins, one draw and five losses. On April 5, Samsung also ranked 9th. However, it accumulated several consecutive wins during the month, recording 16 wins and eight losses as the No. 1 ranking in monthly performance. Samsung had one fewer loss than Kia (16 wins and nine losses), which has maintained its lead position. Naturally, the team’s ranking has risen. It rose from 8th to 8th, 6th, and 5th, before rising to 3rd by the end of April. Based on its 6 will, Samsung is still in the top ranks, trailing Kia by three games and NC by two games. Currently, the teams ranking third to sixth are closely related by one game, and the gap with the teams ranking first and second is not large, but it is a remarkable leap forward considering the atmosphere at the beginning of the season when Samsung lost consecutive games.

This is not the only surprising rollercoaster ride. Samsung has also shown extreme performance in home-away wins. As of Tuesday, Samsung has posted a home win rate of 0.375 (6 wins and 10 losses) since the season’s opening, ranking 10th and ranking last overall. The NC Dinos topped the list with 0.722 (13 wins and 5 losses). Notably, Samsung has shown negative performance at its home stadium, Daegu Samsung Lions Park this season.

What’s interesting is that Samsung is the team that ranks first in away wins. It has a win rate of 0.737 (14 wins, 1 draw, and 5 losses) in away games this season. Ranked second overall by Kia Tigers with 0.667 (12-6 losses), and last place in away wins was Lotte Giants with 0.235 (4 wins and 13 losses), showing a wide gap with Samsung.

Samsung, which surged after going down a storm, will play three consecutive home games and three away games against tricky teams this week. It will face Kia, the No. 1, at Daegu Stadium from Tuesday, and play three consecutive games against NC, the No. 2, at Changwon NC Park from Tuesday. In particular, another interesting point to watch is whether Samsung, which ranks first in away wins, will laugh or NC, which ranks first in home wins, will laugh.

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