New Year’s greeting director Lee Man-soo said, “I will go to Southeast Asia again this year.”

Lee Man-soo, chairman of the Hulk Foundation, announced his intention to travel between Southeast Asia and Korea this year with a New Year’s greeting.헤라카지노도메인

Manager Lee Man-soo told MHN Sports, “I hope all our baseball fans who love baseball will have a happy new year,” conveying his passion for forgetting his age, saying, “I will run wherever I need to go this year.”

“I know that the donation of talent and the distribution of baseball to the Indochina Peninsula are a small part of my life, considering the love I have received over the past 54 years,” Lee said in a very humble manner. As for Lee Man-soo’s name, he could have taken a break and spent the rest of his life donating his talent when he had time. However, Lee shakes his head heavily. It is not time to rest.

“The reason why I run around like this and ask my acquaintances and juniors to donate is to share the love I have received so far with young players who play baseball, and to be with them with joy,” Lee said, revealing that baseball missionary work is his calling. Therefore, even when a leader is offered from a professional baseball or an independent league, he politely refuses to do so because he thinks baseball missionary work is already a calling he received. Therefore, Lee plans to travel to Southeast Asia and Korea without a break this year.

It has already been more than 10 years since coach Lee Man-soo went down to the Indochina Peninsula as chairman of the Hulk Foundation and also as a person of the Lord. Coach Lee, who recalled 10 years ago, said, “I am renewing my commitment today, looking back on my initial commitment when I first went down to Southeast Asia. I don’t care where I run in Korea or abroad, but if there is a place that needs me, I will run and deliver baseball until the end of my life,” he said, reiterating his intention to accept all these calls. However, the reason why he leaves behind his family’s concerns about not pushing him too hard is because he knows what happiness he has not experienced before.

So, he advised people not to worry about their health. “I spent all my youth running on the ground all my life, being cheered and honored by fans. Now that I am entering old age, not middle age, I am living a happy life just because I can share my talents while going to difficult places,” Lee said with a sincere smile.

Lastly, director Lee said, “I’m worried about my wife, but what if I have a little hard time? If many people feel happy and rewarded because of me, I will continue to run down this road.”

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