“Never give up”…Eriksen presents a uniform to a colleague who ‘returned after a heart attack’

 Manchester United midfielder Christian Eriksen presented a jersey to a teammate who has returned from a heart attack.

According to the Manchester Evening News on the 21st (Korean time), Eriksen presented a jersey to Adam Dodd, left-back of FC United of Manchester, who is also based in Manchester.

Dodd suffered a heart attack in June of last year and returned after seven months with an automated external defibrillator attached to his body. Eriksen also suffered a heart attack and continues his active life with a defibrillator inserted.

According to the media, Dodd had a heart attack while sleeping at home in June of last year. He was fortunately with his girlfriend, who performed CPR for 16 minutes until an ambulance arrived.

At the time, paramedics saw Dodd’s chances of recovery as very low, but Dodd recovered safely and returned to the field. In the match against Whitby Town at Broadhurst Park earlier this month, he played for 20 minutes as a substitute in the second half. 스포츠토토

“Eriksen had several medics around, but I was in the bedroom, and my girlfriend had to do CPR for 16 minutes. It was a race against time,” Dodd recalled.

“It was a time when I had to fight for my life. The time I spent in the hospital was the worst time of my life,” he said. I was sweating,” he said.

“I was told that I could return to active duty with a defibrillator inserted. The doctors encouraged me,” he said. “It took a long time for CPR to restore my broken ribs and sternum and to restore my muscle mass to its previous state.” .

Dodd, who suffered the same pain as himself, was presented with a jersey by Eriksen. Eriksen presented his FC United jersey with his autograph and ‘Never give up Dodd’ written on it as a gift. He is also said to have communicated that he would like to meet with Dodd.

Dodd said, “I heard that Eriksen asked the club to ‘meet Dodd when he comes back.’ I want to meet and talk about what we actually went through.”

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