NBA Daily Injuries Report (Jan. 24): Halladay LeBron Out

Five games will take place in the NBA on Monday (Korea time). The Indiana Pacers, who have recently lost two consecutive games, have confirmed that Tyreece Halliburton (23, 196 centimeters) will be absent from a home game against the Denver Nuggets.마카오카지노주소

Halliburton’s reason for his absence on the day is a recurrence of a hamstring injury. According to manager Rick Carlisle, Halliburton will miss the Denver-Philadelphia-Pinix match scheduled for this week at home, and is expected to conduct a re-test on his hamstring injury over the weekend. Halliburton returned from a hamstring injury on the 20th, but was put back on the injured list due to the injury maybe because it was too early to return. Indiana, which has slowed down due to its recent losing streak, suffered a major loss of power due to the departure of its main player PG. Halliburton’s vacancy is expected to be filled by Andrew Nemhard (24, 196 cm) and TJ McConnell (31, 185 cm).

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