Naples laughs, Conte laughs… Inter’s defeat, manager Inzaghi’s position is uncertain

Inter Milan lost against Fiorentina. Napoli’s time to confirm the championship has been moved forward, and Inter is more likely to woo manager Antonio Conte.

On the 2nd (Korean time), Fiorentina, who played the 28th round of Italian Serie A 2022-2023 at San Siro in Milan, Italy, won 1-0 against Inter. Fiorentina’s veteran midfielder Giacomo Bonaventure scored a goal in the 8th minute of the second half. 온라인카지노

3rd place Inter is characterized by few draws and too many defeats. With a record of 16 wins, 2 draws and 10 points, they were in place at 50 points. It was a team that had been chasing Napoli most closely for a while, but now the gap has widened significantly. Currently, the difference in points is 21 points. If Napoli wins against AC Milan in the 28th round, the difference will be 24 points.

At least it is Lazio that is chasing Naples in second place, with a difference of 19 points. Napoli are moving step by step towards an early victory confirmation.

Inter manager Simone Inzaghi’s position has become more precarious. It is known that public sentiment has fallen to the ground due to too many defeats against relatively weak teams in the league, although it has advanced to the quarterfinals of the European Football Federation Champions League (UCL) while stably maintaining the league quarterfinals this season.

Director In Cha-gi also seemed psychologically chased. He made a sniping comment about a particular player, saying “If Lukaku saved two scoring opportunities, he would have a very different evaluation of his performance.” He immediately said, “It’s not just Lukaku who couldn’t take advantage of the opportunity today, so we won’t pay attention to him,” but local articles have already come out with titles like Inzagi sniping at Lukaku.

In fact, it was true that Lukaku missed many scoring opportunities. On this day, the offense and defense changed frequently enough to seem to neglect each other’s defense, and Inter recorded 16 shots and Fiorentina 19 shots. It was a confrontation that the decision-making power was so bad that only one goal was scored out of 35 shots by the two teams combined.

Coincidentally, coach Conte, who led Inter to the Serie A championship in the 2020-2021 season, recently parted ways with Tottenham Hotspur and returned to Yain. Conte is known to want to pursue his next job in Italy due to the mentally demanding situation. It’s a situation where Inter can reach out.

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