Namhae~Hapcheon~Gijangseo Former LG coach Ryu Ji-hyun Youth Training Tour

Even after leaving the professional baseball LG Twins, former coach Ryu Ji-hyun’s winter is as busy as when he is in the present.헤라카지노

Former coach Ryu has been donating his talent to young people in the relatively warm southern region since the 16th.

After guiding student players at Whimoon Middle School, which is training in Namhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, from the 16th to the 17th, they will move to Hapcheon at the request of their acquaintances, and on the 18th to 19th, they will sweat with players from Yaro Middle School and High School baseball teams who are on the verge of closing.

From the 20th to February 6th, he will move to Gijang, Busan, and serve as a lecturer in the next level program led by the KBO Secretariat.

Former LG coach Ryu Ji-hyun emphasizes basic skills for Hapcheon Yaro middle and high school students

He teaches youth for more than 15 days, and baseball player Ryu Ji-hyun’s perspective is also broadened.

Former coach Ryu told Yonhap News on the 19th, “When I was in the professional baseball field, interest in youth and amateur baseball was low, and I didn’t know the reality and environment of student baseball, but as a broadcast commentator, I turned to the poor conditions of student players in the offseason.”

He added, “I emphasize the basics to amateur players,” and added, “I am teaching young trees with the belief that if I faithfully strengthen my basic skills from a young age, I can grow into a professional player in the future.”

Former coach Ryu had the honor of winning the gold medal as the national team’s head coach at the Hangzhou Asian Games last year, and watched the growth of young guns, which are now the main pillars of Korean baseball, with interest in the Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC).

That’s why they may have learned more about the need to foster prospects.

Former LG coach Ryu Ji-hyun emphasizes basic skills for Hapcheon Yaro middle and high school students

Former head coach Ryu also helped closer Ko Woo-suk sign a contract with the San Diego Padres in the U.S. professional baseball league.

When close junior Park Chan-ho, an adviser to the San Diego club, inquired about Ko’s skills, former coach Ryu, who knows Ko’s growth process better than anyone else as an LG coach, replied that he had enough skills to work in the big leagues.

The phone call between the two came a week before Ko’s contract.

After a rewarding time under the leadership of promising players, former coach Ryu will return to his main job and cover the overseas spring camps of 10 professional clubs as a broadcaster commentator.

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