Na Sang-ho’s last greeting, “I’m sorry that I couldn’t achieve Seoul’s spring… I’ll keep it as a goal.”

Na Sang-ho made his professional debut with Gwangju FC in 2017. Na Sang-ho first experienced the J League when he joined FC Tokyo in 2019 and left for Seongnam FC on loan in June 2020.

Na Sang-ho signed a contract with Seoul ahead of the 2021 season. Na Sang-ho played the “ace” role with 29 goals and 14 assists in 104 league games during three seasons in Seoul. Last season, he tied for third with the most goals scored by the team with 12 goals.랭크카지노

Ahead of this season, Na Sang-ho gained a free agent status and chose to re-challenge the J-League. Na Sang-ho’s team was selected by Machida Zelvia, who was promoted to the top division. Machida officially announced the recruitment of Na Sang-ho through the club’s official website on the 4th. It is Na Sang-ho’s second J-League challenge.

Seoul announced Na Sang-ho’s interview on its official YouTube channel on Tuesday. Na Sang-ho visited Guri Champions Park, a training site in Seoul, and exchanged his last greetings with coach Kim Ki-dong, coaching staff and the team.

“Three years have already passed and a breakup has come. When I first joined Seoul, the official photo was of a snow-covered stadium. Three years have passed, but today it didn’t snow. I wish the beginning and the end were the same, but I had a good time in Seoul. I scored a great goal, but I couldn’t score at the end and I had a physical problem. That’s the part that bothers me the most,” Na said.

“I was able to endure it and run around for the team because the fans supported me a lot in that area,” he continued. “I always said in interviews that it was the spring of Seoul, but I want to apologize that it was not achieved for all three years. I think it will remain a goal for me.”

Na Sang-ho said, “When I won, I wanted the players to participate in the Carnival of Victory at least once. Fans looked happy watching the video. I thought the players would feel happy. It’s another goal. If I come back, I want to do it. Thank you for your encouragement and support over the past three years. I hope you are healthier and face a better Seoul in 2024.”

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