‘Multi-Man’ Bae Ji-hwan, looking for a fixed position in the camp… where is it

 Pittsburgh Pirates infielder Bae Ji-hwan (24) prepares for a fixed position instead of a multi-position this year. 

On the 31st (hereafter referred to as Korean time), the American ‘The Athletic’ predicted Pittsburgh’s opening lineup and bench ahead of spring training starting in mid-February, and also briefly discussed Bae Ji-hwan. 

Pittsburgh’s projected opening lineup is O’Neill Cruz (shortstop), Ki-Brian Hayes (3rd base), Brian Reynolds (center field), Carlos Santana (1st base/DH), Andrew McCutchen (right field), Ji-Man Choi (DH/1). baseman), Jack Swinsky (left fielder), Rodolfo Castro (second baseman), and Austin Hedges (catcher). 

Bae Ji-hwan is classified as a bench member who can play both inside and outside, but expectations within the team are high. The media said, “It’s an important spring for Bae Ji-hwan,” and said, “Bae Ji-hwan has grown into a center infielder (second baseman, shortstop), but the club’s management believes that he has enough athletic ability to compete for an outfield spot if necessary.” 

“I heard that during the spring training period, Bae Ji-hwan’s position will be focused on narrowing it down to one place,” he said, explaining that he would find a specific position by mid-March and start the season there.  스포츠토토

Bae Ji-hwan, who played an active role as a shortstop in Gyeongbuk High School, experienced all positions in the infield and infield after signing with Pittsburgh in 2018, excluding catcher in the minor leagues. He topped the defense in that order, second base, shortstop, and center field. 

After the major league call-up in September of last year, he played in the order of center fielder (5 games), second baseman (4 games), and left fielder (1st baseman). He doesn’t have a fixed position yet, but he should be aiming for a spot if he wants to move up to the starting position for a long time. 

The team’s future Cruz is positioned at shortstop, and second baseman is a good starting spot. Bae Ji-hwan could also be the center fielder for Reynolds, who is subject to endless trade rumors.

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