MOU with ‘Ike Eck Vank’ Taekkyeonhoe and VANK, Taekkyeon Globalization Promotion Partners

While VANK, a cyber-diplomatic mission, announced its plan to actively globalize Taekkyeon, Korea’s traditional martial art (Nocut News May 10, VANK’s ‘Taekkyeon BTS-class Nuclear Insaro’ announced itself to ARMY and Hallyu fans) Daehan Taekkyeon on the 18th A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed with the Taekkyeon Global Promotion Association.

In other words, the plan to publicize Taekkyeon to the public and globalize was formulated at the level of a diplomatic mission. VANK announced the full-scale implementation of the related project on this day.

The Korea Taekkyeon Association and VANK held a business agreement ceremony at 3:00 pm on the same day at the meeting room of the Olympic Park Tel in Songpa-gu, Seoul to cooperate in promoting Taekkyeon domestically and internationally. Agree on 4 business cooperation.

The four projects that the two organizations have agreed to mutually cooperate with are ▲ publicity and education for the public and globalization of Taekkyeon ▲ spread of Taekkyeon culture through social media ▲ publicity of Korean history and culture with Taekkyeon to the world ▲ other cooperation. matters deemed necessary, etc. The two organizations decided to discuss and decide on the details necessary for the specific implementation of these cooperative projects through working-level councils.

VANK said at the agreement ceremony that both organizations recognized the importance of inheriting Taekkyeon, which was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and agreed that they should be properly informed to the international community. In particular, Taekkyeon’s training clothes (Gyeonggibok) are Hanbok (Cheolrik), and its technical terms are pure Korean, so it is judged that it is possible to publicize Korea through Taekkyeon because it has a more prominent connection with Korean tradition than other martial arts. Daehan Taekgyeon Association) explained that they had decided to work together.

Park Ki-tae, the head of VANK, said, “I think this is the best opportunity to publicize Taekkyeon since history. We will promote Taekkyeon with VANK’s capabilities. Just like the saying that a huge lever can lift the earth, we will become a great lever and a stepping stone for Taekkyeon.” revealed

Jang Kyung-tae, senior vice president of the Korea Taekkyeon Association, said, “I was thrilled to hear that VANK, which has been known around the world for the good history of Korea, such as Dokdo, Donghae, kimchi, and hanbok, has launched a global Taekkyeon publicity campaign. is not the dream of only 200,000 Taekkyeon people. We promise to share the dream of VANK and Korea together.”

Following the signing of the MOU, the business project related to the ‘Global Taekkyeon Public Relations Campaign’ that VANK is currently promoting is expected to start in earnest. First of all, digital promotional materials that inform the value, meaning, and 안전놀이터 important information of Taekkyeon will be produced and distributed on social media. In addition, customized promotional events are held for domestic and foreign citizens. In particular, it plans to produce and share Taekkyeon-related short-form and foreign language versions of videos targeting Hallyu fans such as the BTS (Bangtan Boys) fandom ARMY.

VANK posted a policy petition on the ‘Woollim’ site, a VANK platform, demanding a government policy to spread Taekkyeon around the world. In addition, targeting foreign countries, VANK’s digital diplomacy platform ‘Bridge Asia’ has registered a global petition (Korean sentiment Taekkyeon must be known to the world).

On this day, two students from Yongin University, Kim Yeong-chan, the world champion in the individual dance category of the World Martial Arts Masterships, and Seong Eui-ju, who won the first place in the individual round carving stone division of the National Sports Festival, demonstrated Taekkyeon and received a lot of applause.

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