Min-jae Kim, scheduled for ‘Man Utd Man’, was moved by Ten Hagh’s words… “I want to play in the EPL” → “That kind of mindset is important… We have become a team that players want to come to” Satisfied

 Kim Min-jae of Naples, whose transfer to Manchester United in the English Premier League is almost certain, said that he expressed his first impressions after discussing the transfer.

According to an article reported by the Mirror on the 14th, Manchester United want transfer target Kim Min-jae to play in the Premier League, and United have taken steps in recent weeks to solidify Kim’s interest.

In fact, Kim Min-jae has revealed in several interviews that “he dreams of playing in the Premier League.” Although he didn’t say “Man United” because it was before the negotiations, he has a dream of playing in the EPL for all football players. The same goes for Kim Min-jae. Upon hearing Kim Min-jae’s will, Man U expressed a contract offer to Kim Min-jae.

Kim Min-jae, who moved to Italian Serie A Napoli from Turkiye in July of last year, has been linked to Manchester United several times this season. Of course, Kim Min-jae never said he wanted to go to Manchester United.

Man U sent numerous love calls to Kim Min-jae. In particular, Manchester United manager Eric Ten Hag said he liked Min-jae Kim’s defensive ability.

In fact, Manchester United are struggling in the second half of the season with problems with their defense this season. Until last season, the form of Harry Maguire, the nucleus of the defense, fell. He spent more time on the bench than on the field.

Instead, defenses such as Lisandro Martinez and Raphael Baran did their job until the middle of the season, but from the second half of the season, due to injuries, they were unable to play and eventually could not return until the end of this season.

Originally, manager Ten Haag wanted Tottenham’s Harry Kane to strengthen the attack, but now he intends to strengthen the defense as well.

Manager Ten Hagh seems to have read a fairly positive side to Kim Min-jae’s statement, “It is my dream to play in the Premier League.”

On the 13th, Ten Hagh honestly expressed his feelings. “The big difference compared to last year is that the players want to play for United,” Ten Haag said.

Last year, Manchester United was Jung-gu Heating. Ten Hag took over the helm as it behaved like a team for Cristiano Ronaldo, but the players are said to have been reluctant to join United. It was to the extent that the players had doubts.안전놀이터

“Now, after one season, many players seem to have noticed the progress of the team, the dynamism and ambition, the team’s performance, and the long-term project,” said Ten Haag. “The players really want to come to our team. I noticed it. Last year, when I asked the players about their intentions, I had a lot of doubts, but this year, many talented players want to come.”

Meanwhile, Kim Min-jae, who played for Napoli this season, is known to have a buyout cost of up to 40 million pounds (approximately 67 billion won) when he agrees with the Napoli club. However, as manager Ten Hagh wants to sign Kim Min-jae, Manchester United plans to pay Napoli 13 million pounds (about 21 billion won) and bring him. It is interpreted that Manchester United offered 53 million pounds (approximately 88 billion won) instead of 40 million pounds to show a firm will to recruit Kim Min-jae.

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