Mercy, who became the ‘first’ at the same time as moving to Manchester United, the goal is to win

Marcel Sabitzer, who became the first Manchester United player from Austria, is looking to win.

On the 1st (Korean time), Man Utd signed Mercy on loan. His contract is for the remainder of the season. Recently, a photo of Sabitzer wearing the number 15 Manchester United uniform was released, and all procedures were completed.

The process of signing Sabitzer on loan from Bayern Munich was tense. As the transfer deadline approached, key midfielder Christian Eriksen suffered a long-term injury. Manchester United had to reinforce their squad because they are aiming for good results in the English Premier League (EPL), England FA Cup, Carabao Cup, and UEFA Europa League (UEL). In just two days, Man Utd contacted Mercy and Mercy and made a successful contract.

“I will give everything for the uniform I wear. I’m happy to be here. I will do my best,” he said, revealing his goal, “I’m here to win.” 슬롯사이트

Sabitzer continued, “I hate defeat. I am also a reporter when I train. I have lived for several years with the mindset that I cannot lose. I hate defeat. That is my attitude. It is my attitude to move forward. In the locker room, I shouted, I pour out everything on the ground. That’s my daily life,” he added.

Sabitzer wrote history at the same time he joined Manchester United. He became the first Manchester United player from Austria. Sabitzer also said, “It has become a history of its own. I heard from my agent that I am Manchester United’s first Austrian. I am proud of it.

Sabitzer also recalled memories of visiting Old Trafford in 2020. RB Leipzig, where Sabitzer was at the time, lost 0-5 to Manchester United. “Man Utd is a big club with fantastic fans. Old Trafford is also huge. I’ve played here and it was empty at the time, but the stadium itself was very impressive. I have Manchester United in my heart. It feels good. I look forward to my first appearance.”

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