‘MAX FC Representative Female Fighter’ Eunji Choi to compete in Chinese martial arts tournament

“Veteran female fighter” Choi Eun-ji, 29, is heading to China to put Korean pride on the line.

Choi Eun-ji will compete in the “Wulin Feng 538 Global Boxing Championships” on March 27 in Chexi County, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, China.

Wushu is a martial arts organization that started in 2004 based in China’s Henan province and is the largest standing martial arts organization in the world after K1. Choi Eun-ji, a representative of MAX FC, the largest Korean mixed martial arts organization, will be the first female fighter to compete in Wushu. She is currently the No. 1 ranked featherweight in MAX FC’s women’s division and is a veteran fighter with a total of 27 fights under her belt for the Korean National Muay Thai Team.

Choi, who has recently been competing both standing and mixed martial arts, has long held the top spot in the featherweight rankings and will be fighting for a title shot at the upcoming July MAX FC event. His opponent in the martial arts competition will be Li Lishan (25-China). She is a representative fighter in the women’s division of the Chinese Wushu organization with a kickboxing style. She is also a star fighter in China with a large fan following due to her fiery and exciting fighting style.

The “Wushu 538 Global Boxing Championship” will be held under the concept of “China vs. the World,” with seven Chinese fighters competing against fighters from South Korea, Thailand, France, Iran, and Russia. Choi Eun-ji and Li Lishan will compete at a contracted weight of -53.5 kilograms, and as the only women’s bout of the day, it has attracted a lot of attention from officials in China as well as South Korea.

“I’ve fought a lot overseas,” Choi said, “but I’ve always fought fighters one or two weight classes above me. This was my first time competing against someone smaller than me. I think I’ve found my right weight class and I’ll be able to have a great match. I will come back with an unconditional victory for the pride of Korea,” he said.안전놀이터

MAX FC CEO Lee Yong-bok said, “Choi Eun-ji’s appearance is something to celebrate. It’s the first time she has officially competed in the Murim Feng. I hope that she will show a good performance and lay the foundation for many Korean stand-up fighters to get the opportunity to compete.”

Meanwhile, MAX FC is set to host ‘MAX FC 24’ on July 15 at the Iksan Indoor Gymnasium.

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