“Machado ‘could be shut down’ for the season to undergo elbow surgery…’Lateral epicondylitis’ diagnosed, Kim likely to play third base for remainder of season”

Manny Machado (San Diego Padres) may miss the remainder of the season to undergo elbow surgery, according to reports.

Recurring elbow problems, specifically “lateral epicondylitis,” could keep Machado out of action, Kevin Ace of the San Diego Union-Tribune reported Tuesday.

The muscles and tendons that run from the wrist to the elbow attach to the underside of the upper arm bone, an area called the epicondyle. Overuse of the arm muscles can cause microscopic tears in the tendons in this area, resulting in pain.

This is the second season Machado has dealt with the injury, and it’s been reported that he may opt for surgery to avoid affecting his readiness to start spring training next year.

While “lateral epicondylitis” typically does not require surgery, the injury that has plagued the third baseman for the past two years may need to be addressed.

“The pain has been more frequent and severe lately,” Ace said, noting that Machado has been limited to designated hitter duties over the past seven games.

Even in a batting-only role, Ace said he felt “a lot of pain every time (Machado) swung.”

Machado also missed time earlier in the season with a minor hand fracture.

The ongoing elbow issues have limited Machado to a .253/.317/.453 slash line with 26 home runs in 545 at-bats this season. That’s still a 112 wRC+, but it’s well below Machado’s standards, especially compared to the 153 wRC+ he posted in 2022 while finishing second in NL MVP voting.온라인카지노

Some argue that Machado’s struggles are the reason San Diego is only 67-75 on the season.

“With a playoff berth virtually out of reach, San Diego may be better off ‘shutting down’ Machado and moving forward with his rehabilitation (surgery or not) as quickly as possible,” MLBTR wrote.

Meanwhile, if Machado is shut down, Ha-Sung Kim will likely play third base for the remainder of the season.

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