Lotte, which has not won the championship trophy since 1992, will bring together the energy of the universe and release it for 31 years

Lotte is one of the most popular teams among the 10 teams in the 1982 KBO League. Given the tremendous enthusiasm of Lotte fans, it has won only two Korean Series titles in 1984 and 1992. Will Lotte, which is thirsty for a victory, succeed in solving the problem by bringing together the energy of the universe.헤라카지노

Lotte, which finished seventh in last year’s final ranking, has hired Kim Tae-hyung, the winning contractor. Kim Tae-hyung is a great manager who led the Korean Series for seven consecutive years through 2022 when he took over the Doosan Bears in 2015. During this period, he won the Korean Series three times. He was stronger than anyone else in the short-term competition and excelled in regular season management.

He dominated the team with his charisma and was good at communicating with his team. He recorded a total of 645 wins, 485 losses, 19 draws and a .571 winning percentage in 1,149 games during the regular season.

“I am well aware of the weight of being a manager of the Lotte Giants. I would like to thank Lotte fans and team owner Shin Dong-bin for choosing Kim Tae-hyung as their manager. I will repay the fans’ long-awaited expectations and produce results,” Kim said.

Lotte, which needs to strengthen its left-handed pitching, made a trade with LG. It is a condition that it will recruit Jin Hae-soo and transfer the right to select the fifth round of the 2025 KBO League Rookie Draft.

Since his professional debut in 2005, Jin has played in 788 games, recording 23 wins, 30 losses, two saves, and 152 holds. His earned run average is 4.96. Although he played 19 games last year and held only two holds, he is considered a special left-handed relief pitcher as he topped the hold in 2017.

And he brought in veteran infielder Kim Min-sung through a sign-and-trade with LG. Having started his professional career with Lotte in 2007, Kim recorded a batting average of 269 with 1,406 hits, 131 homers and 725 RBIs overall in the first division while playing for Nexen and LG. Notably, he made significant contributions to LG’s overall win last year.

Lotte said, “We expect Kim Min-sung, who has a strong sense of responsibility as a professional player and can play all infield positions, to be a leader who will serve as a model for the young team.”

Kim Min-sung, who joined the Lotte Giants after 14 years, said, “It feels different to be back as Lotte Giants first. Busan fans’ supportive voices are vivid. Thank you to the club for treating me sincerely and recognizing my value.”

“Lotte has many young and potential players, so based on our experience, we will help young players grow well and play the role the team wants in attack and defense,” he added.

Lotte, which recruited Jin Hae-soo and Kim Min-sung from LG following Kim Tae-hyung, the winning contractor, will succeed in grabbing the championship title for the third time since 1992.

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