Lotte Na Kyun-an’s wife, A, is controversial for revealing her husband’s affair live with “an affair in a car bought for her father.”

Controversy is expected as the wife of Lotte Giants pitcher Na Kyun-an (26) revealed her husband’s affair and domestic violence on her personal channel.유흥알바

According to posts posted on various online communities on the 27th, Na Kyun-an’s wife, A, said on social live that she learned of her husband’s affair last summer, and since then, Na Kyun-an is asking for a divorce.

Na Kyun-an and A married in December 2020 and gave birth to a daughter the following November. A is one year older than Na Kyun-an, and the two of them completed their marriage after three years of dating.

“Na Kyun-an lived with pocket money at her parents’ home during the off-season, and after her affair, she received pocket money from the eldest daughter,” A said. “She had an affair with the black box turned off in the car her father bought her.”

When A questioned the affair, Na Kyun-an demanded a divorce, and she also exercised domestic violence, and the police were dispatched because A fainted. After the shocking revelation, Na Kyun-an and A’s personal channels were turned private.

Regarding the related controversy, Na Kyun-an reportedly explained to Lotte’s club, “I am in the process of divorcing A in a separate state, and neither domestic violence nor internal affairs are true.”

Meanwhile, Na joined the Lotte Giants in 2017 after attending Masan Yongma High School. He played for the national team at the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games last year, helping to win the men’s gold medal in baseball.

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