Lotte-LG Kim Min-sung trade aftermath… Lee Hak-joo and Son Ho-young appear as a surprise hero at the dead end?

Lotte and LG announced a surprise sign-and-trade on the 26th, which many did not expect until the early days of the transfer market. Veteran infielder Kim Min-sung (36) was at the center. Kim Min-sung, who could not find a way out of the free agent (FA) market, found a clue through sign-and-trade.

Kim first signed a contract with LG for a total of 900 million won (down payment of 200 million won, annual salary of 500 million won, total incentive of 200 million won). He immediately traded to Lotte and hired infielder Kim Min-soo (26) instead of sending Kim Min-sung. Initially, Kim Min-sung’s side thought signing and trade as a way, but it was not that long ago that Lotte became the leader of the team. In a way, it instantly unraveled.헤라카지노도메인

Analysts say that it can benefit everyone. For one, Kim has found a team that can receive better treatment and more opportunities. The terms LG suggested to Kim were a two-year total of 500 million won (approx. Given that the salary cap was tight, it was difficult to offer a bigger amount of money. With the trade, Kim increased the total amount, and on top of that, he is more likely to get more opportunities to play at Lotte than LG, which can be seen as firm by the team’s key players.

Lotte suddenly sought to recruit Kim Min-sung because Han Dong-hee, the team’s main third baseman and a team’s main hitter from a long-term perspective, is set to join the military. Han Dong-hee, who needs turning points with his career, applied to the Korean Armed Forces Sports Unit (Sangmu). If he is finally accepted, he will join the military in June. He needed another infielder to fill Han Dong-hee’s absence. Kim Min-sung is literally a player who watches all four positions before infield. Starting as the main second baseman, he is expected to play various positions.

Instead of sending Kim Min-sung, who was struggling with negotiations, LG not only has the possibility to carry out Kim Min-sung’s share in the future, but also received Kim Min-soo as a player with great potential, soothing his regret. It was a concept of a reward player, but there was a point that LG was a reward player who could choose to some extent. Kim Min-soo, who failed to make his will at Lotte, also prepared conditions for a new environment.

However, there are concerns on both sides. As Kim Min-sung, an infield utility player and No. 1 backup, left last year, LG inevitably experienced a drop in its power immediately. Kim was a “mainstream backup” player who could leave whenever there were no infield positions available or when key players needed rest. LG also has some infield backup players, but in fact, no player has as much versatility as Kim Min-sung. As LG aims to win the title again this year, it needs to fill the gap quickly.

The same goes for Lotte. Kim Min-sung was brought in, but he is not without anxiety in the infield traffic arrangement. Assuming that Noh Jin-hyuk fills the third base, Han Dong-hee’s vacancy, the shortstop’s position is empty. In other words, there is no right player to take the centerpiece of the team’s defense. Both sides traded because of necessity, but it is difficult to say that all the problems have been solved. It is a picture of incompletion without a puzzle.

Lee Hak-joo (34) and Son Ho-young (30), both of whom are drawing keen attention, are drawing keen attention. The two players both dreamed of joining the Major League after graduating from high school, while both players were considered as promising infielders for their teams after their U-turns, but have yet to fully realize their potential. However, the two players must play their part in the infield situations of the two teams this year. Considering their ages, both players might seem to be at a dead end, but the biggest opportunity has arrived.

If Noh Jin-hyuk moves to third base in the second half of the year, Lee Hak-joo is a candidate for shortstop position. Lotte’s infielders are better than Lee Hak-joo in terms of scope of defense or overall defensive potential. Although mistakes can occur occasionally, he certainly makes bold defense. After all, the key is how to make up for the hitting that has barely exceeded 20 percent since 2021. Lee had a batting average of 0.209 in 104 games last year as well. In order to secure a steady playing time, he must show his ability not only in defense but also in offense to solidify his position.

Son is drawing keen attention as an infield multiplayer. There is also Kim Min-soo who joined the team, but expectations for Son are still valid. LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop is confident that Son is a resource that can hit double-digit home runs. With frequent injuries blocking a player’s path, he needs to stay healthy to secure a spot in the LG infield this year. As he can play various positions, attention is focusing on whether he can start with the backup and gradually expand his position.

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