Looking at only the cleans, why is Kang-in Lee more ‘benched’ than selected?

 Coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s choice before his debut was to start from the bench. Lee Kang-in (21, Mallorca) still needs more time. Director Klinsman’s tactical operation was likely to start from the bench for the time being.

Lee Kang-in was selected for two consecutive matches (Colombia and Uruguay) in the Korean national team evaluation match in March. Coach Klinsman was appointed as the successor to coach Paulo Bento last month, and he did not have enough time to watch the K-League and European players, so he made a list of members who played in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Lee Kang-in was highly likely to be selected even if he was not a member of the Qatar World Cup. Last season, he made up for his physical and defensive involvement, which he lacked, and his left foot was sharper and more sophisticated. As the core of Mallorca’s core, he was also nominated for the best of the week and the player of the month in the Spanish Primera Liga.

Coach Klinsman was also aware of Kang-in Lee’s talent. He said at a press conference before the game, “Lee Kang-in is a fairly good player. It is an honor to be able to coach such a player. I want to have many conversations so that he can grow further. I am also watching the Mallorca game.”

Lee Kang-in also earned attack points with his sharp left foot at the World Cup in Qatar. It was coach Klinsman, who was active as TSG at the time, and he even praised him at the press conference before the game, so the possibility of selection could not be ruled out.

However, coach Klinsmann placed Lee Jae-seong, Jung Woo-young, and Hwang In-bum in the midfield, and left Jo Kyu-seong as one top, Son Heung-min and Bundesliga Jung Woo-young in the attack. Lee Kang-in started from the bench and played for about 30 minutes as a substitute.

Lee Kang-in and tactical roles also overlap. Lee Kang-in led the team as a second top and attacking midfielder while playing as a free-roller in Mallorca. Coach Klinsmann entrusted Son Heung-min with that role in the national team. This is the reason why he exchanged one-two passes with Son Heung-min as he was placed on the side in the match against Colombia. 바카라사이트

Coach Klinsman checked the faster, straighter attack route with the build-up and vigorous pressure created by Bento. In the match against Colombia, the Korean national team harassed the opponent with strong pressure. It seems that Lee Kang-in needs physical supplementation as well.

However, there is still a lot of time left before the World Cup in North and Central America. Coach Klinsman said, “If we maintain our current good performance, we will be given playing time in the national team.” If you go through two seasons in Europe and grow more, you can play as a starter.

Lee Kang-in was also not in a hurry. In an interview with the Mixed Zone (joint coverage area) after the match, he said, “I love being able to play. As a player, playing a lot of games is of course good, but when given the opportunity, I want to do my best and help the team. I want to show a good image,” he said.

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