Lee Yong-gyu, Park Se-woong, Park Jun-pyo, etc. Excluding 5-man 1st group entry… Group 2 recharges

 Kiwoom Heroes Lee Yong-gyu, who showed a sluggish batting average of 103 3 in August, was erased from the first team.

The KBO announced on the 21st, the day of rest, that five players, including Lee Yong-gyu (Kiwoom), Park Se-woong (Samsung Lions), Park Jun-pyo, Hwang Dong-ha (above KIA Tigers), and Park Ji-hoon (Doosan Bears) were excluded from the first team entry.

The standout player is Lee Yong-gyu. In Kiwoom, one spot in the outfield is empty due to Lee Jung-hoo’s injury. In particular, Lee Jung-hoo was the leader of the team leading both offense and defense.

Lee Yong-gyu was also appointed at the insistence of Kiwoom. Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki expected Lee Yong-kyu to play the role of the outfield leader and team lead-off.

Lee Yong-gyu seemed to live up to expectations by recording OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.840 in May and 0.723 in June. However, he fell into a sluggish batting average of 10.3 3 Lee (4 hits in 45 at-bats) in August. He will have time to recharge in District 2.

KIA Park Joon-pyo joined the first team on behalf of Yang Hyeon-jong, who was excluded from the entry on the 16th, but was canceled after 5 days, causing regret.메이저놀이터

Samsung Park Se-woong took the mound in the 6th inning against Daegu KIA on the 20th with 1 out and 3 base. It was his second first-team appearance this season. However, he failed to catch a single out count and was replaced after allowing 2 runs. He allowed a walk to Hyung-Woo Choi and a 3-run home run to Socrates.

KIA Hwang Dong-ha, who started on the same day, also went down to the second group in one game after scoring 3 runs in 4⅔innings. Doosan Park Ji-hoon was also named in the first team instead of Kim Dae-han on the 18th, but was dropped from the entry after 3 days.

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