Lee Kang-in, who is happy with ATM, ‘UCL + master craftsman + familiar environment + direct flight’ is missing nothing

It seems that a new destination candidate is emerging for Lee Kang-in (22, Mallorca), who was receiving an active love call from the English Premier League (EPL). It is Atletico Madrid, the prestigious Spanish La Liga team.

On the 28th (Korean time), reporter Matteo Moreto of Relevo, Spain, said, “Lee Kang-in and Atletico have become very close.”

Considering various aspects, it is evaluated that it is a team that is perfect for Lee Kang-in to the extent that it is difficult to find a deficiency. Lee Kang-in’s move in the transfer market this summer has faced a new phase.
Long-term interest, I’ve been watching since ValenciaAbove all, it is important that I have been watching Lee Kang-in for a long time. Lee Kang-in left a deep impression with fantastic dribbling in the match against Atletico on the 27th, and reporter Moretto said that Atletico had shown interest in Lee since his Valencia days.

Last January, Atlético also offered a transfer fee of 10 million euros (14.7 billion won) and expressed its intention to recruit Lee Kang-in, but faced opposition from Mallorca. Coincidentally, Lee Kang-in’s dissatisfaction by unfollowing the club’s social media account coincides with this period. The buyout amount of Lee Kang-in, who has been active every day recently, is known to be 18 million euros (26.5 billion won). That’s an amount he can afford to pay even as Atlético.

Being interested in it for a long time can also be interpreted as knowing the true value of Lee Kang-in. In other words, it also means that there is a high possibility of using Lee Kang-in more appropriately.

UCL is guaranteed, there is a master named SimeoneBehind Atlético’s interest is manager Simeone. There is a story that he approved the recruitment of Lee Kang-in. Simeone is the most important figure when evaluating Atlético’s strength.

He is a mastermind who led the team for more than 10 years and won the league twice in the league divided between Barcelona and Real Madrid. He plays defensively, but he has already proven his ability to develop creative players like Antoine Griezmann.

Atlético are in third place in La Liga this season. There is not much difference from second place Real Madrid (65 points). It is likely to qualify for the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL). Atletico have not missed a UCL ticket in nearly 10 years. It is a good team to have high ideals in that it boasts a stronger power than any other EPL team that is interested in Lee Kang-in.
# Big Chance Making 2nd place Lee Kang-in, Griezmann-Morata are at the doorAccording to football statistics media Stats24, Lee Kang-in has created 12 big chances in La Liga this season. 2nd place in this category The first is Atletico Griezmann. The synergy between Lee Kang-in and Griezmann excites football fans just by imagining it.

Griezmann and Alvaro Morata, who have scored 11 goals each this season, are the resources to complete Lee Kang-in’s quality crosses and kill passes. Angel Correa and Memphis Depay are also capable offensive resources. It is not known how the attacking team will be reorganized in the summer transfer market, but even if there is a change, it is highly likely that the attacking resources will be reinforced. Compared to Valencia and Mallorca, as well as other EPL teams, there are players waiting for Lee Kang-in to complete his pass.

# The weather, the language, the environment, everything is familiar to SpainAbove all, it is a big advantage that there is no need to adapt to a new environment. Lee Kang-in spent a long time in Spain to the extent that the time he spent in Korea and Spain was similar. He is so familiar with the language, weather, and surroundings that he feels like his homeland.안전놀이터

The same goes for the football environment. La Liga is already a stage where Lee Kang-in does not need to adapt. Atletico is also attractive in that it does not require new learning even about the characteristics of the league itself, such as the propensity of the opposing team’s players. This is also an important factor in reducing the probability of failure.
# Director Klinsman also welcomes you, even the charm of Madrid with direct flightsLee Kang-in is a player who will be active in the national team for the next 10 years or more. In the past, many players, including Park Ji-sung and Ki Sung-yueng, suffered from back and knee pain while traveling between England and Korea. That’s why being able to live in a big city team with direct flights is one of the great blessings.

Atletico is based in Madrid, the capital of Spain. Of course, there are direct flights from Incheon. Of course, it takes about 15 hours to fly, but if you have a layover, it will take much more time than this. If you are active in a city with direct flights, it will be of great help to prevent injuries and manage your physical condition in that you can reduce the burden of calling the national team.

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