Lee Jung-hoo’s “Monster Season” is drawing attention from the U.S. media and SF

Since Lee Jung-hoo held a press conference to join San Francisco last weekend, a number of related reports have continued in the local media. Among them, the global sports media “Sports Kida” focused on Lee Jung-hoo’s 2022 season.

Lee Jung-hoo’s value lies in the steadyness of seven seasons in the KBO League that has continued since joining the club, but the main view of the media was that the 2022 season could be the reference point for future growth.월카지노

Lee Jung-hoo had a combined batting average of 0.340 OPS of 0.898. The ups and downs were not that big either. In his sixth year in the 2022 season, he had a batting average of 0.349 with 23 homers and 113 RBIs with an OPS of 0.996. Looking at Lee Jung-hoo’s change in the 2022 season, media said, “A player who failed to surpass 15 homers in a single season hit 23 homers at once. In particular, the wRC+ (adjusted scoring productivity) was 175, which was 75% better than the average hitters in the league.”

Lee Jung-hoo gained 10.5% of walks per at-bat that year, and while striking out only 5.1% per at-bat, he showed sophistication but took a step forward in the “power tool.”

In fact, Lee Jung-hoo has relatively slowed down this year when he confirmed his move to the big league for a total of $113 million (about 147.1 billion won) for six years. It was not bad with a batting average of 0.318, and an OPS of 0.861, but it was difficult to stand out due to the halo of the previous season. However, it was a season that was close to a transition period, including trial and error in the process of revising the batting form. The media interpreted it as an “abnormal season,” citing the process and aftermath of the ankle injury in July.

What makes Lee Jung-hoo’s 2022 season stand out is that he recorded it as he entered an age range that could speed up his growth as a batter. Lee Jung-hoo, while signing a long-term contract with San Francisco, increased his value to be only 25 years old (born in 1998) and it can be seen that he changed the evaluation criteria once again through the change in the record of the 2022 season he sent at the age of 24.

Lee Jung-hoo’s 2022 season wRC+ presented by Stattiz, one of Korea’s record sites, is slightly higher than the index described by the U.S. media. Lee ranked first in the league with 182.5 in the wRC+ adjusted by the league average and park factor on the wRC. Samsung’s Jose Pirella ranked second in the year.

Other local media are also viewing Lee’s future value more than his present value. “Lee Jung-hoo will be in his prime now. He will show his skills to suit the Major League,” said Kirby’s Crib, a Chicago Cubs news outlet, on Wednesday, reporting that the Cubs tried to address the center field gap through Lee Jung-hoo.

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