Lee Jae-hyun missed out on playing in all games… Shoulder dislocation surgery ahead

Jae-Hyeon Lee, who showed brilliant performance in the Samsung Lions’ disappointing 2023 season, is going to the operating table to resolve chronic shoulder problems.

Jae-Hyun Lee, who had felt discomfort in his shoulder throughout the season but showed determination to play in all games, was unable to play in the home game against the Hanwha Eagles on October 5 due to an injury, and ended up playing in 143 games this season.

Jae-Hyun Lee, who debuted at Samsung in 2022 and played 75 games, showed clear growth with 114 hits and 12 home runs, including a batting average of 0.249 in more games, up from the 0.235 he recorded in his first season.

Along with his performance indicators, he showed a sense of responsibility by continuing to play in difficult situations for the team despite concerns about injury, but his shoulder injury left him regretful as he had to undergo surgery.

Lee Jae-hyun, who was a shortstop and showed growth amid the expectations and attention of manager Park Jin-man, appeared in 143 games, one short of appearing in all games, and was named the player with the second most games after Park Hae-min of the LG Twins, who was the only player to play in all games this season. .

In 2023, there is no player other than Lee Jae-hyun who played 143 games, and KIA foreign hitter Socrates Brito followed with 142 games, showing how difficult it was to play all games due to rain and an uneven game schedule. 

Jae-Hyun Lee, who overcame a shoulder dislocation and played in almost all of the team’s games and was also nominated for the KBO Defensive Award in the shortstop category, is expected to have difficulty participating in spring camp as it is known that he will have to go through rehabilitation for about four months after undergoing surgery this month.메이저놀이터

Samsung, which finished the 2023 season early without fall baseball, was left with the performance of young players such as Lee Jae-hyeon and Kim Ji-chan as some consolation in the infield amid the disappointment of an 8th place report card.
(Photo courtesy of Samsung Lions)

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