Leaving when we clap?… Kim Yeon-kyung Retirement Preview Why

Women’s professional volleyball Heungkuk Life Insurance jumped to the top even in the absence of a coach, and it is a hot topic.
What drew more attention was Kim Yeon-kyung’s sudden retirement, saying, “I want to put it down when I am in a high position.”
Reporter Kook Young-ho reports what’s going on.

Kim Yeon-kyung vomited his spirit by leading the team stably and towing it to the sole lead even in a crisis situation when the head coach of Heungkuk Life Insurance was sacked.

▶ Interview: Kim Yeon-kyung / Heungkuk Life Insurance outside heater
– “We talk a lot with the players and lead them well so that we can keep our lead.”

In a press conference afterwards, Kim Yeon-kyung confessed her concerns about wanting to suddenly retire after winning this season, saying, “I want to put it down when I am in a high position.” 메이저사이트

After winning the regular league with 8 games remaining, he said, ‘I want to leave when I applaud’, but Kim Yeon-kyung, 36 years old, has actually been thinking about retirement before the season.

Aside from the recent coach dismissal controversy, it is known that he also discussed with the club.

Kim Yeon-kyung is expected to do various activities such as broadcasting when she retires, but it seems likely that she will be involved in the volleyball world.

▶ Interview: Yeonkyung Kim / Last July (YouTube Bread Sister)
– “Even if I retire, my current thoughts are trying to do something useful while working on volleyball.”

Extraordinary interest in the sports world is drawing attention to Kim Yeon-kyung’s future, with some predicting that she will challenge the IOC Athletes’ Commission of the International Olympic Committee.

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