Kyung Hee University freshman Bae Hyun-sik’s first winter training and determination

Bae Hyun-sik describes Kyung Hee University as a “good atmosphere team.”

Kyung Hee University (hereinafter referred to as Kyung Hee University) is conducting a winter training camp in Mokpo, South Jeolla Province, to prepare for the upcoming 2024 season. Seven freshmen have also joined the camp. Thanks to this, Kyung Hee University’s change in the upcoming season is encouraging.라바카지노주소

Among them, I met forward Bae Hyun-sik (193cm, F) from Anyang High School right after training.

Bae Hyun-sik said, “Before coming to off-season training, I thought college would be different from winter training in high school. I was nervous because I thought it would be very hard, but when I came here, it was harder than I thought. I’m especially physically struggling now because I’ve been training a lot. I think it’s going to be harder because there’s a lot of future left.”

He also asked about Kyung Hee University as a freshman. “The atmosphere is really good. It’s because I talk a lot when I work out. Besides working out, the older members take good care of the younger members and help them adapt well. Thanks to this, all the freshmen including me are adapting well without any big problems,” he said, expressing that he is melting into a team.

As he joined the winter training camp for the first time after joining the university, he is expected to see his skills develop. What part of the camp do you pay the most attention to during the winter training camp.

“I think they lack motivation. Fortunately, Kyung Hee University has been training a lot, so I want to strengthen my mobility and speed during this period. I want to practice shooting a lot and improve myself in the mid to long term,” he said.

He also told a brave story about the upcoming season as a freshman.

Bae Hyun-sik concluded the interview by expressing his determination, saying, “I’ll show you my energy like a freshman. I’ll help you a lot because I’m doing more than the older members. I’ll do my best to stand out while helping seniors.”

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