KU’s Lee Eun-young “wants to go all the way to the World Cup” after leading her team to victory and leaving for the A team

Korea University ace Lee Eun-young has made no secret of her desire to go all the way to the World Cup.

Lee scored the game-winning goal in the 14th minute to lead Korea University to a 3-1 victory over Widok University on the first day of the collegiate division of the 31st Queen’s National Women’s Soccer Tournament at Hwanggang Gunmin Sports Park in Hapcheon, Gyeongnam, on Sunday.

Lee Eun-young, who played as a right wing forward, was active throughout the match. In the first half, she rattled the net with her focused play and accurate shots from inside the penalty box. Korea University lost to Widok University in the Spring League in April, but Eun-young scored the game’s first goal in the early stages.

Lee Eun-young will leave the team for a while after this game. She was called up by the Korean women’s national soccer team, led by head coach Colleen Bell. The team is in final training at the Paju National Training Center ahead of the FIFA World Cup. Bell decided to call up Eun-Young Lee, who is still in college, for a final test. He recognized her potential even though she was still in college. Despite the stiff competition, Korea University head coach Ko Hyun-ho said, “Eun-young is fast and has skills. Her physicality is also good. It’s a loss for our team, but we still want her to make the final roster. I hope she doesn’t miss such an opportunity.”

After the match, Eun-young said, “I’m glad I was able to help the team win. Personally, I gained confidence,” she said, adding, “I saw the chances as 50/50. It’s great to be on the roster, but now that I’m on the roster, I want to be on the final roster. It would be a great experience to go beyond just training and participate in the actual World Cup. I will do my best. Honestly, there are no guarantees, but I want to show my best game and prove that I am the player the team needs,” she said, expressing her desire to make the final roster.안전놀이터

Lee Eun-young is a 173-centimeter striker with explosive speed. Although she is still young and inexperienced, her speed is as competitive as any of the national team players. “My strength is speed,” she said. If I utilize my strengths well, I think I will be the player the national team needs,” she said.

The striker cites Ji So-yeon, her national team idol, and Chelsea’s Eden Hazard as role models. “So-yeon is an amazing player. Her touch on the ball, her passing, her vision, everything is perfect. I want to have that kind of freedom, and I also want to be like Eden Hazard at Chelsea. He scored goals and provided assists. I want to be what they call a crack.”

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