‘Kung Fu Kid’ Song Ya-dong, will he break through and enter the ‘Top 5’?

Song Ya-dong (25, China), the 8th ranked ‘Kung Fu Kid’ who is active in the UFC bantamweight, is aiming for the top 5. On the 30th (Korean time), the UFC Fight Night ‘Song vs. Simon’ main event to be held at UFC Apex, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, will be the stage. It’s an ambush in the weight class you’re riding.

Song Ya-dong, the only Asian fighter to be listed in the bantamweight rankings, is famous for his hot fights. Even at the young age of 25, he has played 28 matches in his career and is recording 19 wins, 1 draw, 7 losses and 1 null. They are winning in various ways, including 8 knockouts (42%), 3 submissions (16%), and 8 decisions (42%).

Out of 7 losses, only 2 were knocked out, and he has never lost by submission. It is evaluated that his skills are improving day by day, and as if to prove this, he entered the UFC and recorded good results with 8 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses in 11 matches, and he won 4 performance of the night bonuses and 1 fight of the night bonus. The Performance of the Night is a prize money of about 60 million won (50,000 dollars) given to a player who has a great finish, and the Fight of the Night is given to a player who has a great match.

Song Ya-dong, who is based on kung fu, a traditional Chinese martial art, is only 25 years old, although he is playing a lot of matches. Even on a big stage like the UFC, he is showing an improvement in every match, and he is attracting attention in many ways. Although he was unfortunately defeated by TKO due to an eye injury to Cory Sandhagen (31, USA) in the previous match, he is still considered one of the best prospects in his weight class.

Song Ya-dong has a very good balance. He is not only fast and dynamic in movement, but also has both technical perfection and sense. He is good at putting pressure in strides, but if the opponent wants to hit, he backsteps to increase the distance and unfolds the next play. A quick backstep is essential for fighters who enjoy pressure.

It’s very difficult for him to just press all the way through the game, so he needs to backstep or distance himself when the opponent hits him. Song Ya-dong is praised for his ability to create an angle that is difficult for opponents to hit or avoid, while he himself is comfortable attacking, by using side steps when exchanging punches or kicks.

His offensive options are also varied. Even when exchanging punches, at an unexpected timing, they aim for the abdomen or face and kick back, and their skills to make takedowns through clinch fights as well as timing tackles are excellent. Above all, he has been praised for his good use of his front hand since his youth in his early 20s.

Not only does he measure the distance with his front hand while stabbing his rear hand sharply, but he also has an innate sense of technical rhythm, such as countering with his front hand or cutting off the flow with a double jab when the opponent is about to strike.

Through Media Day held on the 27th, Song Ya-dong said, “Through the loss in the last game, I felt painfully that I shouldn’t take a shot in the first round.” I want to beat and enter the top 5. Now is the time to prove it.”

There are many opinions that Song Ya-dong needs wrestling verification in order to get into the top 5 in the weight class as he wishes. In the match against Cody Staman (31, USA) in 2019, he allowed five takedowns and ended up drawing a draw. However, since he was completely defeated in a wrestling fight, he received dishonorable criticism that although he was practically defeated, he was lucky in the decision.

In that respect, Simon is a suitable opponent to verify Song Ya-dong’s wrestling skills. He landed a staggering 37 takedowns in the UFC bantamweight division, which is the second-highest takedown ever in his weight class. However, Song Ya-dong is only confident. Struggles with Staman were technically unfinished childhood work, so it could be very different from today in many ways.ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Yadong Song says he is better than Simon in everything including wrestling. In fact, through various interviews, he said, “Simon is a very tough fighter and a powerful wrestler, but technically he is just mediocre in all areas.” I can stick with you through wrestling,” he expressed his confidence.

On the other hand, Simon, the opponent, has a different idea. Simon said, “Song Ya-dong is a fighter with explosive firepower, but I don’t think he balances hitting and grounding well like me. We’ve been winning without it, and this game will be the same.”

Let’s pay attention to whether Song Ya-dong can defeat Simon, a former wrestler, and enter the top 5 with improved skills.

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