‘Korean 3-Cushion Expectation Week’ Jeong Ye-seong 1:12 → 30:23 reverse, passed the 1st qualifying round 

Ankara 3-Cushion World Cup opens in Turkey, where the earthquake occurred

At the 3-Cushion World Cup held in Turkiye, where many casualties were caused by a powerful earthquake, Jeong Ye-seong, a promising Korean 3-cushion player, easily passed the thousand plate and advanced to the second qualifying round (PPQ).

On the night of the 6th (local time), the first round of qualifiers (PPPQ) for the ‘2023 Ankara 3-Cushion World Cup’ were completed in Ankara, Turkey.

◆’Expectation Week’ Ye-seong Jeong, 2 wins and 1st place in group to advance to the 2nd qualifying round

Ye-seong Jeong (21, Seoul Billiards Federation) held the 1st qualifying round (PPPQ) of the ‘2023 Ankara 3-Cushion World Cup’ held in Ankara, Turkey on the night of the 6th (local time) ) In Group G (Amir Ibramov, Patrick Lalanne), they won 2 wins and took 1st place.

Jeong Ye-seong won the first match against Patrick Lalanne (France) with a score of 30:4 (27 innings). Then, he defeated Amir Ibramov (Germany) with 30:23 (21 innings) and won two victories.

In particular, in the match against Ibramov, Jeong Ye-seong fell behind by 1:12 in the first two innings, but later turned the game around with three extra-long hits (7, 5, 7 points).

Jeong Ye-seong started to stand out last year by reaching the quarterfinals in the Korean Billiards Federation President’s Cup (September), and then took the second place in the Taebaek Mountain Cup (October), emerging as a promising player in the men’s 3-cushion in Korea.

In particular, Jeong Ye-seong made his 3-Cushion World Cup debut at the “Sharm El Sheikh 3-Cushion World Cup” held in Egypt in December last year, and at the time, he made his first appearance in the round of 32, the final stage, and drew attention.

The 3-Cushion World Cup Preliminaries PPPQ~Q will be held as a league match with 3 players in 1 group, and only the first place in each group will advance to the upper round.

On the second day of the competition, today (7th), the 2nd qualifying round, which will be held from 5:00 pm, will feature Jeong Ye-seong, Jeong Seung-il, Son Jun-hyeok, and Oh Seong-gyu, who passed the first qualifying round.

◆Ankara 3-Cushion World Cup February 6-12…

The first 3-Cushion World Cup of this year, the ‘2023 Ankara 3-Cushion World Cup’, will be held in Ankara, Turkey until the 12th (local time) .

In this competition, ‘World No. 1’ Dick Jaspers (Netherlands), who recently won the ‘World 3-Cushion Grand Prix’, Daniel Sanchez (2nd, Spain) Marco Zanetti (3rd, Italy) Tobjorn Bromdal (6th, Sweden), and 14 Korean players, including Kim Haeng-jik (10th), Huh Jeong-han (12th), and Jo Myung-woo (13th).

Among Korean players, Kim Haeng-jik, Heo Jeong-han, and Jo Myung-woo start from the round of 32. In the round of 32, 8 groups of 4 will play in the league, with 2 players in each group advancing to the round of 16. From the round of 16, it is a knockdown tournament.

Kim Haeng-jik was in Group G with Tranquietchien (8th place, Vietnam), and Heo Jeong-han was in Group C with Zanetti and Berkei Karakurt (Turkiye). Jo Myung-wu, who won the previous ‘Sharm El Sheikh 3-Cushion World Cup’, was placed in Group E along with Typhoon Tasdemir (7th). 먹튀검증

Kim Joon-tae (16th), Lee Choong-bok (17th), Choi Seong-won (18th), Cha Myung-jong (27th), and Seo Chang-hoon (29th) will compete in the final qualifying round (Q), while Hwang Bong-ju and Kang Ja-in will compete in the third qualifying round (PQ). In addition, Jung Seung-il, Son Jun-hyuk, and Oh Seong-gyu will start from the second qualifying round (PPQ).

‘Defending Champ’ Jaspers will meet Pedro Gonzalez (23rd, Colombia) in Group A, and Sanchez will meet Murat Nasi Chowglu (22nd, Turkiye) in Group B.

In addition, Bromdal will play F Joseo Jeremy Bury (11th, France), Sameh Sidom (4th, Egypt) will play D Joseo Nikos Polychronopolo (14th, Greece).

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