Kneeling Parents “Please withdraw the dismissal of the baseball team manager”…The principal said, “Normal contract expiration.”

A high school in Seoul is in conflict with parents as it is in the process of dismissing the baseball team manager. While the school is in the position of “normal contract expiration,” parents are protesting that it is “unfair dismissal” of the new principal.

On the 4th, the high school notified all the coaches of the school’s four sports department (baseball, soccer, basketball, and rugby) of “no renewal of contracts.” This is because the work performance evaluation for sports leaders came out to be less than 60 points, which is the acceptance line. Sports department leaders renew their contracts with the school every year after evaluation.

In particular, parents of the baseball team strongly protested the decision, calling it an arbitrary decision made by the newly inaugurated principal in March last year. They claim that they did not even have a single word of consultation with parents who are paying the salaries of coaches and coaches. They say that they cannot understand the school’s evaluation as B received a commendation for his 10-year service last year and that he runs the baseball team without much noise. He also asked the school to disclose details of the evaluation.헤라카지노

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education’s Operation Manual of the School Sports Department, the vice principal is required to collect opinions from parents and others to evaluate the performance of the sports department objectively and fairly, along with evidence.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education’s Operation Manual of the School Sports Department, “The vice principal, who is the evaluator of the school sports department leader’s work performance, collects opinions from parents and others and evaluates them objectively and fairly along with evidence.” In response, the school said, “The vice principal watched for enough time, and director B has a poor working attitude. There is no obligation to disclose the details of the evaluation to parents.”

Parents are also taking issue with the process of terminating the contract. According to the , a school can cancel the sports team leader’s contract or refuse to renew the contract after deliberation by the school management committee (hereinafter referred to as the school management committee). However, the school first notified the baseball team manager of the contract termination and opened the school management committee. It is argued that the procedure is only formal in a situation where the principal has already concluded.

Parents of the baseball team held an emergency meeting with principal A on the 7th, immediately after the notice of the coach’s inability to renew his contract. Parents asked, “The practice game starts next month and the weekend league in March, but if we start working on the appointment of a coach only now, we can’t play the season properly. Please let me exercise with manager B until September.” Some parents knelt down and appealed, but the principal only repeated his existing position.

A school management committee meeting was held yesterday (Sept. 23), and the result showed that more people voted 8-5 to retain the manager of the baseball team. The school management committee is comprised of five teachers, six parents and two district council members. None of the six parents have children from the school’s sports team.

However, since the committee is a deliberative body, not a voting body, it is ultimately up to the principal to decide not to renew the contract. “I have nothing special to say about the outcome of the committee. We will make a final decision on whether to renew the contract next week,” the principal told KBS in a telephone conversation.

Prior to this, Director B filed an objection to the school for the evaluation results, but it was not accepted, so he decided to take legal action such as administrative litigation.

When KBS began its coverage, the school sent a text message to head coach B of the baseball team on the 22nd. There is no specific evaluation details requested in the first place, only the result of “less than 60 points.”

Parents of the baseball team set up an emergency committee to respond. All 20 second and third graders excluding freshmen agreed. “Students are the ones who suffer the most from this conflict,” Yoon Dae-in, chairman of the parents’ emergency committee, told KBS in a telephone interview. “Since Coach B has taken legal action, I hope the school will keep him in office until the final result comes out.”

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