Kiwoom’s “Excited Man” Dawson. “It’s going to be fun, so please pick me as an all-star.”

Kiwoom’s new fourth batter Lee Joo-hyung, who was interviewed as a leading player in the professional baseball Kiwoom Heroes’ 11-5 victory over the Samsung Lions on the 29th, said, “I want to make Ronnie Dawson the top scorer.”스포츠토토

Lee Joo-hyung, who took the lead in the victory by hitting four hits in five at-bats and scoring two runs on four RBIs, did not hide his responsibility to hit a nutritious run as a central hitter so that he could send it home at any time.

Lawson, a cost-effective player full of excitement, is the blessing of Kiwoom.

Dawson played as the second batter on the day, had four hits including a home run and one walk in six at-bats, and got on base five times. He garnered two RBIs and three runs, thus tying with Lee Ju-hyung to win the game.

Dawson, who receives a total of $600,000 this year, combined with $550,000 in annual salary and $50,000 in incentives, has evolved more terrifyingly in the second year of the KBO League.

As of the 29th, he has been at the top of the list of major batting indicators, including the third in batting average (0.376), the first in hits (80), the joint first in doubles (18), the third in on-base percentage (0.430) and the second in slugging percentage (0.592).

Left-handed hitter Dawson has a high batting average of 0.413 against left-handed pitchers and shows off his explosive batting sense regardless of the type of pitcher such as right-handed and underhanded pitchers.

Dawson is tied for 10th place in the scoring category, 10 points behind first-place Kim Do-young (47 points).

In order for Dawson to win the top scorer as desired by Lee Joo-hyung, the central batters such as Kim Hye-sung, Lee Joo-hyung and Choi Joo-hwan must work harder.

After the game on the 29th, Dawson said, “Lee Joo-hyung played a bigger role than me,” adding, “I’m happy to help the team score more points than individual performances.”

“Before entering the at-bat, I identified the opposing team’s pitcher with Oh Yoon’s explanation and asked for advice from those around me to target,” he said, giving credit to his teammates.

Dawson’s immediate goal is to play in the All-Star Game, who is so enthusiastic about dancing that he learns choreography videos of K-pop dance groups on YouTube.

“If you give me a lot of votes, I will prepare hard to give fans fun at the All-Star game,” Dawson said. “I would be happy if I could be selected as an All-Star and play in the same team and talk with great players. I want to get to know more players.”

In terms of natural showmanship alone, few players can follow Dawson, the “excited man.” Dawson’s positive energy is a catalyst that makes the young team Kiwoom more lively.

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