“Kim Seohyun, learn from your mistakes… ” The sincerity of the US veteran leader and 197SV closer

 “Learn from your mistakes.”

On the 11th (Korean time), Hanwha rookie right-hander Kim Seo-hyun apologized to the team, coaching staff, front desk, and reporters at the Hanwha Spring Camp at Belbank Park in Mesa, Arizona, USA. Over the past three days, he has had time to reflect on himself and reflect on the SNS controversy. It is said that he even shed tears during the team meeting.

Adults wrapped up Kim Seo-hyun, who had just become an adult. Kim Seo-hyun said through the club, “Especially, senior Jung Woo-ram gave me a lot of good words. ‘I made a mistake once, so I have to change a lot, and I have to work harder, become more mature, and train harder.'” 슬롯사이트

Jung Woo-ram said in a recent interview with a reporter that he would watch for rookies such as Kim Seo-hyun and Moon Dong-ju for a year. However, as the situation grew, he personally left advice to Kim Seo-hyun. Jung Woo-ram told Kim Seo-hyun, “We exist because we have fans, and fans are really precious.” Kim Seo-hyun said, “After hearing that, I felt that I had done a really stupid thing, and I deeply reflected on it. In the future, I will live with the gratitude of the fans in my heart.”

Manager Carlos Subero, who has been a manager for a long time in the minor and major leagues, knows how to treat rookies. Director Subero hoped that Seohyun Kim would realize something through her mistakes. He said through the club, “Anyone can make mistakes in life, and can make mistakes. There is no one who does not make mistakes. Everyone here will do that.”

He said, “There is a difference between whether you want to learn from the mistake or whether you ignore the mistake and remain as such a person. This couldn’t be Kim Seohyun’s last mistake. Because he is human and he can make mistakes. But we have to watch and help them grow. Now that mistake is in the past. Let’s try ourselves and help those around us together so that we can become a better person.”

For Kim Seo-hyun, February 2023 is a time to learn new things about baseball and life. This has put an end to this situation. In addition, Kim Seo-hyun is entering a more important period from now on. Fans will judge whether or not he shows a professional look on and off the field.

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