Kim Min-jae and Lee Kang-in’s visit to Korea is difficult… 2nd game schedule problem unresolved

It has become unclear whether Kim Min-jae (Naples) and Lee Kang-in (Mallorca) will face off in Korea. This is because the ‘2nd game schedule problem’, which was scheduled for the 10th of next month, could not be resolved.

An official from the Korea Football Association said on the 19th, “As a result of a meeting the day before with the consortium (organizer) promoting the match between Naples and Mallorca in Korea, we informed them that the match on the 10th of next month is impossible.”

Earlier, the organizers requested approval from the Football Association to hold a friendly match between Naples and Mallorca on the 8th and 10th of next month. However, it did not submit the Korea Professional Football Federation consent required for final approval by the Football Association. The federation did not agree on the schedule for the second match between Naples and Mallorca, saying that three K-League 1 matches are scheduled on the 10th of next month. An official from the federation said, “We agreed on the match on the 8th of next month (without a K League 1 game),” and said, “If the second leg is also held on a day when there is no K League 1 game, we can agree.”

Accordingly, the association notified the organizers that the match on the 10th of next month would be excluded from the screening. In addition, they have requested to confirm whether they intend to proceed with the game even on the 8th of next month.안전놀이터

Even if the organizers decide to play only one game, it will not immediately result in a head-to-head match between the two teams. The association requested a ‘deposit’ worth billions of won to confirm that it could afford the cost of the event operation plan submitted by the organizers. An official from the association said, “If we receive an answer regarding the financial situation (from the organizers), we plan to hold internal discussions early next week to decide whether or not to host the match between Naples and Mallorca.”

Regarding this, the organizers explained, “We have replied to the association that we will ensure safety by utilizing other safety devices currently used in the financial system in relation to deposits (for the game on the 8th of next month).”

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