Kim Ji-yeon: 73% chance of winning UFC 4… Opportunity to break out of losing streak

Women’s mixed martial arts Kim Ji-yeon (34) is highly regarded for her chances of escaping from the crisis of her 5th consecutive UFC victory.

UFC on ABC 4 will be held on the 14th (Korean time) at the Spectrum Center (capacity 19,077) in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Kim Ji-yeon will fight Mandi Böhm (Germany), a fighter of her age, in a flyweight (-57kg) match.

The Czech gambling company ‘Betano’ set the odds of 1.37 for the number of cases in which Kim Ji-yeon beats Mandy Böhm. Kim Ji-yeon calculated her chance of winning as 72.99%.

Canada’s ‘Oz Shark’ announced -251 (71.51%) and Ireland’s ‘Paddy Power’ 1.40 (71.43%) as the winning odds for Kim Ji-yeon. This means that other gamblers have a similar outlook.ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Kim Ji-yeon recorded 2 wins and 1 loss in the UFC 3 fights where she was expected to dominate. If he wins Boehm according to the preliminary analysis, he will win 4 wins (6 losses) in his UFC career.

Charlotte is a city with good memories in 2018 when it won its first victory in two major games. Overcoming the burden of losing the previous game, he won his debut by a decision of 2-1. It was through UFC on Fox 27 at the Spectrum Center.

Kim Ji-yeon adapted smoothly by recording 3 wins and 2 losses until October 2019. The official UFC flyweight ranking, which entered at #15 in December 2019, rose to #13 from February to June 2020.

Former UFC flyweight ranking 13th place Fabian Melinda (36, Hungary), 14th ranked Justin Kish (35, Russia), so it was a natural status. However, since August 2020, Kim Ji-yeon has fallen into a four-game losing streak.

The UFC record has deteriorated to 3 wins and 6 losses, but ▲ 2010 Oriental Pacific Boxing Federation (OPBF) -59kg title fight ▲ 2014-2015 Road FC 2 wins, 1 draw ▲ 2015 DEEP JEWELS (Japan) Bantamweight (-61kg) champion It is one of the best ever in Korean women’s mixed martial arts based on the experience already accumulated.

Boehm is the 2019 TKO (Canada) flyweight champion and the 2020 Bellator 1 win in the UFC, which has advanced to the foothold, since 2021, two consecutive losses. Bellator is tied to ▲UFC ▲Professional Fighters League (above USA) ▲ONE Championship (Singapore) ▲Rizin (Japan) as one of the world’s five major organizations.

The career high point of the mixed martial arts ranking system ‘Fight Matrix’ is 36 points, which is higher than Kim Ji-yeon’s (35 points). Böhm is an opponent that can be defeated but must not be caught off guard.

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