Kim Hee-jin operating table “rehabilitation 1 year”, Olympic ‘knee fighting spirit’ butterfly effect

Kim Hee-jin (32, Hwaseong IBK Industrial Bank)’s knee eventually broke again. This time the situation is more serious. It is expected that it will take about a year to return to the court after rehabilitation.

The IBK Industrial Bank team announced on the 27th, “Kim Hee-jin underwent knee surgery on the 27th.”

Kim Hee-jin underwent meniscus surgery on her right knee. The club said, “It seems that his rehabilitation period will take about a year.” The aftermath is expected to continue until next season at IBK Industrial Bank.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea said, “Kim Hee-jin, who had suffered from knee pain since the beginning of the season, continued exercising under the management of the club, such as strengthening strength and rehabilitation based on the results of hospital treatment, and participated in 28 games this season.” Despite this, Kim Hee-jin, who did her best, decided to have an early surgery in consultation with the club to prevent the expansion of the injured area and prepare for the next season.”

An official from the club said, “We plan to provide maximum support for Heejin Kim’s quick return.”

In a way, this was a predictable result. This is not the first time Kim Hee-jin’s knee has broken. Kim Hee-jin, who underwent surgery to remove a bone fragment in his right knee in May 2021, broke everyone’s expectations and competed in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics two months later.

Kim Hee-jin was called by Stefano Lavarini, the national team coach at the time, and focused on rehabilitation for the Olympics, but her knee condition was serious. Even though the pain area was swollen from the outside, he maintained his position with fighting spirit. The main gun, Kim Yeon-kyung (Incheon Heungkuk Life Insurance), also showed gratitude and sorry to Kim Hee-jin. His grades were poor compared to the value of his name, Kim Hee-jin, but no one could throw stones at him. The reason Lavarini found him was also because he couldn’t find the right apogee spiker.

Kim Hee-jin, who made the Olympic semifinal legend, became a superstar on par with Kim Yeon-kyung after the event. It would not be an exaggeration to call it ‘Kim Hee-jin Syndrome’. Many fans came to the stadium to see him, and in that year’s All-Star Game fan vote, he topped the 100,000 mark for the first time in history.

However, during the first round, he stepped on his teammate’s foot and fell, breaking his knee. As a result of the examination, the worst situation was avoided due to joint cartilage swelling, but Kim Hee-jin’s knee condition was weakening.

After renewing the contract after the end of last season with an annual salary of 600 million won, he started the season as an apogee spiker, but his knee got worse and his prospects were bleak. His playing time was getting less and less. He has appeared in 28 of 31 games this season, but has made only 18 first-set starts. As Kim Hee-jin’s influence diminished, IBK Industrial Bank fell to 6th place and hopes for spring volleyball virtually disappeared. 메이저사이트

As in the past, the burden of attacking using endurance has increased. He added strength to the team with time-lag attacks aimed at the opponent’s loopholes using his skill, but only fatigue continued to build up on his knees, which needed rest. Recently, there have been many days when I couldn’t properly digest training, and in the end, Kim Hee-jin and IBK Industrial Bank made a decision before it was too late.

The possibility of spring volleyball has not completely disappeared yet. In order to fill Kim Hee-jin’s vacancy, he will use various players to focus on chasing 3rd place Daejeon KGC Ginseng Corporation (49 points) and 4th place Gimcheon Korea Expressway Corporation (48 points).

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