Kim Hak-Beom joins AG as Technical Advisor…’Hwang Sun-Hong Ho’ helps with golden projects!

Former Olympic soccer coach Kim Hak-bum (63) will help the Korean National Team go for gold at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games (AG) in September. In the form of a technical advisor, Kim has joined the Under-24 (U-24) national team led by Hwang Sun-hong (55).

Several soccer officials said on Aug. 8, “Kim has decided to lend his support to ‘AG Hwang Sun-hong’. The presence of a veteran coach who has achieved results in previous tournaments will be a great boost in various areas.” “There were constant offers and I could no longer refuse,” Kim said.

The Korean Football Association (KFA) had been in contact with Kim for quite some time, asking him to pass on his know-how to the U-24 coaching staff. It was early last month that Kim changed his mind after being rejected three times. He accepted the request from KFA President Chung Mong-kyu after a chance meeting at an event.

A veteran of the K League, Kim led the U-23 team to a gold medal at the Jakarta-Palembang AG five years ago. From the group stage to the tournament, the team overcame numerous setbacks to reach the final, where they defeated arch-rivals Japan in overtime to win their second straight title after the 2014 Incheon Games. At Tokyo 2020, he led South Korea to the quarterfinals.

Kim can help AG Hwang Sun-hong-ho by analyzing opponents, providing tactical advice and dealing with various variables such as China’s expected home advantage and refereeing decisions during the tournament. He can also advise on the release of players who are in conflict with the national team. Kim has experience with former national team coach Paulo Bento (now the UAE national team coach) over the release of some players, and he has maximized his organizational skills under adverse conditions such as short training sessions and disparate arrival times.온라인바카라

The situation is not good for AG Hwang Sun-hong Ho. The team hasn’t had much time to gel and needs at least two weeks of full training before the tournament starts, as national team coach Jürgen Klinsmann has made no secret of his intention to call up some of the overseas players who made the final squad for the two European trips in September. In addition to Kim’s support, the KFA needs to clear the way for him to join the ‘AG Hwangsun Hongho’.

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