Kim Bong-soo, who completely captivated Jeju’s ‘MOM’, is right ‘Nam Ki-il’s man’

There is nothing I can’t do anytime (playing time) and anywhere (position). Even the promise that captivates fans is perfect. Jeju United’s Kim Bong-soo (23) is ‘director Nam Gi-il’s man’.

Kim Bong-soo is the protagonist who led Gwangju University to win the U-League 6 in 2019. In the same year, he even won the Korean University Football Federation Outstanding Player Award. Kim Bong-soo, who has a solid physical body of 183 cm and 78 kg, quickly melted into his professional stage wearing a Jeju uniform in 2021 with the ability to dominate the midfield and bold shooting power. In the first year of his professional debut in the 2021 season, he was used as a U-22 card and played 28 games, scoring 3 goals and 1 assist.

There was also no ‘sophomore jinx’ commonly greeted in his second year as a pro. He’s rather advanced. Even though he is not a U-22 card, he showed his presence properly among K-League 1 top midfielders such as Koo Ja-cheol, Lee Chang-min, Yoon Bit-garam, and Choi Young-jun. He also evolved. According to his tactical change, he showed his qualities as a “multiplayer” by playing not only as a central midfielder, but also as a right stopper. He appeared in 33 games in the 2022 season and recorded 1 assist.

In no time, he has grown from a newcomer to a key player. He also appeared in 10 games this season. In particular, he showed his true worth in his last two matches. Kim Bong-soo replaced Koo Ja-cheol, who suffered a hamstring injury in the 11th minute of the second half of the Daejeon expedition (3-0 win) on April 30th, and scored the key goal with a bold right-footed shot at the corner kick situation in the 33rd minute of the second half. Led the upward trend of 5 consecutive away wins. The fantastic dribble breakthrough that made the defense freeze was a bonus.

On May 6, in the home game against Pohang Steelers (2-1 win), he started as a central midfielder. He showed a high level of tactical understanding through build-up through stable passes, proper positioning, and defensive participation. Like his tiger’s claws, he showed his instinct to attack in an instant. In the 10th minute of the second half when the match was 1-1, he harvested a come-from-behind goal with an ambitious shot from a corner kick chance, giving a home victory in 265 days. He captured the hearts of Jeju fans (MOM, Man of The Match) properly.

Commentator Kang Seong-joo, who was in charge of the broadcast that day, also praised, saying, ‘The true man of Nam Ki-il is Kim Bong-soo.’ Director Ki-il Nam also nodded. Coach Nam Ki-il said, “I am called Nam Ki-il’s man, but I admit it. He is a player that players continue to believe in. He is a player who helps the team no matter where he plays. He is a player who has a high tactical understanding and efficient positioning play even at a young age. It can’t be the future.” He raised his thumbs up.

Watching this, Kim Bong-soo waved his hand. Kim Bong-soo said, “There has been no home win since August of last year. It was a difficult game, but I scored the winning goal, so I feel really good. Nam Ki-il’s man… (laughs) I think the team needs a player like this. Jeju can kick the ball really well. “I have a lot of players. If I play more devotedly, these advantages will give me more strength on the pitch. I want to help the team in the future and continue to bring good results.” 안전놀이터

Fan service is perfect. When asked about his promise to score in three consecutive matches after the match, Kim Bong-soo replied that he would present his soccer boots to the fans. After being uploaded on the club’s official website and social media, this promise is drawing enthusiastic responses from fans, such as “Director Nam’s savior Gat Bong-soo”, “King Bong-soo”, and “It’s cool~Bong-soo~”. It’s not just lip service. It is a promise that is possible enough because it is backed by confidence in his recent performance.

Kim Bong-soo said, “I’m not an aggressive player by the way. Maybe the opponent was caught off guard. (Laughs) I think my strong point is the defensive part. But when I join the attack, several opportunities come. At that time, I do not miss it and focus more Good results seem to have come. I will do my best for the fans if I get a chance to keep my soccer shoe gift promise in the game against Incheon on May 10th (Wednesday). I want to continue to give happiness to Jeju fans.” built

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