KIA had a super-luxury pinch-hitter called Nasta…Nine clubs added stress, did well in April, but “I don’t know baseball.”

The biggest turning point at the Jamsil game on Friday was Kia’s offense in the top of the seventh inning, when its team was losing 5-7. Notably, LG catcher Park Dong-won’s bad pitch to the third base and Kim Sun-bin scored after Kim Do-young made a surprise bunt to the third base with no outs and runners at the first and second bases. Starting with Kim’s pursuit of a goal, the team reversed the game and won the game 10-7.안전놀이터

However, we must not forget this scene. Coach Lee Bum-ho used Na Sung-bum as a pinch hitter for Lee Chang-jin’s batting order after Kim Sun-bin’s heavy hit. He used a six-year, 15 billion won FA batter as a pinch hitter, the most luxurious pinch hitter in the KBO league.

Initially, Lee planned to return Na Sung-bum to the team at six consecutive home games against the KT Wiz and the Hanwha Eagles, which will start from Thursday. However, after giving up the game against the LG Twins in Jamsil on Tuesday, he changed his mind and called Na Sung-bum to Seoul. Of course, Kia is leading the league alone, but Choi Hyung-woo, who has recently replaced Na in the fourth batting order, has not displayed good batting performance, and there was a sense of crisis that he could not afford to be swept against LG.

Coach Lee already announced his plan to use Na Sung-bum cautiously for about a week ahead of the game against LG in Jamsil on Tuesday. He can use the batter as a substitute, or he could be a designated hitter even if he starts. He also announced his plan to divide Choi and Na into defensive and designated hitters three times a week. Choi is already practicing defense in left field.

Na Sung-beom opened the door to a major reversal by getting a walk in his first at-bat of the season. It is true that LG Park Myung-geun’s ball control was shaken, but he might have been more shaken because he was Na Sung-beom. For the opponent, it is definitely stressful that Na Sung-beom is on standby as a pinch hitter. It can affect the operation of the bullpen.

For KIA, it is a very useful weapon. To be precise, they cannot use their original weapons, but they have been using them since the first month of the opening. Still, manager Lee Bum-ho has a super luxurious option. If Na Sung-beom starts, he can use Lee Chang-jin, who has a high on-base percentage, as a pinch hitter.

In fact, Kia will cruise through April with 21 wins, but nobody knows about baseball. Lee Eui-ri and Park Min will make their comeback in May after Na Sung-bum returns. The plan is to give Lim enough time, but chances are high he will come back again. Except for Hwang Dae-in, whose hamstring rehabilitation period is unknown, and Yoon Do-hyun, who is currently undergoing rehabilitation due to a fractured metacarpal, all the injured will return.

Since the opening of the season, Kia has led the league with no shortage of individual parts and gaps in the injured thanks to depth. However, there is no guarantee that the upward trend in April will lead to May. In fact, the situation is the same even when the injured return. Rather, it is inevitable that the aftereffects of fatigue that they unwittingly accumulated while running in April will come out. No matter how successful the team is, it is difficult for the team to run for two to three consecutive months.

In that sense, it is important to secure as much cards as possible to use anyway. Na’s early joining of the band has this meaning as well.

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