KIA great pitcher can breathe… 470 innings of dreams, one man’s ambition, ‘Great Power Challenge’

“If that happens, I am so grateful. We (domestic pitchers) can rest.”

On the 15th (Korean time), KIA spring camp site, Tucson Kino Sports Complex, Arizona, USA. Key KIA pitchers pitched side by side in the bullpen. The appearance of Yang Hyeon-jong, Sean Anderson, Adonis Medina, Lee Eui-ri, and Lim Ki-young pitching at the same time could mean the KIA starting rotation this year.

In fact, the four members except Lim Ki-young were confirmed to join the starting lineup. Lim Ki-young competes with complete young guns Kim Ki-hoon and Yun Young-chul for the fifth starter. Players who are eliminated will be added to the Pilseungjo or Long Relief. Coach Kim Jong-kook will meet with reporters that day and try to watch their competition until the demonstration game.

What is as important as the 5 starting pitchers is the durability of the 3 key starting pitchers. It is not strange that Yang Hyeon-jong, Anderson, and Madina all take on the ace. These 1st to 3rd starters must pitch stably throughout the season and ensure stable operation of the selection and bullpen to create conditions for KIA to cruise in the long-term race.

Manager Kim Jong-guk said, “It would be nice if two foreign pitchers threw 300 innings.” It is calculated that if you are responsible for 150 innings, you will not only be recognized as the best foreign pitcher in the league, but also your team will rise to the top. Coach Kim said, “Last year, the strongest foreign one-two punches were Kelly and Plutco, and they would have thrown about 320 innings (328⅓ innings).”

For foreign pitchers to throw 300 to 320 innings means that they will complete the game in good health. Anderson and Madina are a style that can overwhelm hitters with a 150km fastball. Command and pitching design are highly likely to make a soft landing unless there are serious failures. Manager Kim also said, “I have higher expectations than last year’s foreign pitchers.” 먹튀검증

If Anderson and Medina are responsible for 300 innings, a total of more than 450 innings is expected, including native ace Yang Hyeon-jong. Yang Hyeon-jong said in an interview that day, “I aim for 170 innings every year. This year, he will challenge 170 innings for 8 consecutive years, but 170 innings for 10 consecutive years will be more symbolic. I will continue to take the inning greed.”

Yang Hyeon-jong said in the remarks of coach Kim regarding the total of 300 innings by foreign pitchers, “I am very grateful if that can happen. We (the native starting pitchers) can breathe. Without that situation, you may have to go to the mound in a bad condition. We can also consult with each other. I really want you to just throw it like that.”

Will Yang Hyeon-jong, Anderson, and Medina actually throw 470 innings? For reference, in 2017, when KIA last won, Hector Noesi threw 201⅔ innings, Yang Hyeon-jong threw 193⅓ innings, and Pat Dean threw 176 innings. It was exactly 570 innings. Even if it doesn’t go this far, coach Kim thinks that if he throws 470 innings, it will be easy to manage both the dependence on the 4th and 5th starters and the fatigue of the bullpen.

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