Jung Haeyoung, the youngest 100SV beyond Lim Changyong!What’s the secret of powerful pitching?


KIA’s closing pitcher Jung Hae-young is contributing to the team’s lead with his tremendous performance, setting a new record of 100 saves as the youngest in 24 years.안전놀이터

It is said that training hard enough to clench one’s teeth throughout the winter is showing its power.


Jung Hae-young, the final leader of the Tiger Corps, wrote a milestone this season.

He achieved his 100th save at the age of 22 years and 8 months, more than a year earlier than Lim Chang-yong’s record of 23 years and 10 months 24 years ago.

A bold aspirant who appeared on the Golden Bell in 2019 when he was a high school student.

[“I’ll work hard and see you on TV”]

It came true with the modifier ‘the youngest record in 24 years’.

[Jeong Haeyoung/KIA: “I finish at a young age, so I get the nickname ‘youngest’, but that makes me so proud.”]

Jung Hae-young, who ranks first among closing pitchers with 11 saves this season.

Arithmetically, he can challenge Oh’s record of 47 saves in a season with a 47 save pace.

Although he suffered some ups and downs last season, he used state-of-the-art facilities to train to maximize his strength when pitching at a private U.S. training site throughout the winter.

The average speed increased by more than 3 kilometers from 142.9 kilometers per hour last year to 146.4 kilometers this year, and the power of the crystal ball slider was maximized.

[Jeong Haeyoung/KIA: “I wanted to do well this year, so I prepared hard as soon as the season ended. I’ve been doing it a lot lately with the thought of stopping it no matter what.”]

Jung Hae-young, who has recently been called “Good Hae-young” by giving shoes to all his pitching teammates.

Like Sun Dong-yeol, who had a battery with his father, he dreamed of the best finish and vowed a new heyday for the tiger corps.

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