Jeonnam Dragons, the 13th CEO of Kim Kyu-hong, the ‘Year of the Dragon’ in 2024, said, “We will work hard to make a leap forward again.”

Kim Kyu-hong, the 13th president of Jeonnam Dragons, has been appointed.

South Jeolla Province’s Dragons said Wednesday that its new CEO Kim Kyu-hong has been appointed as of Tuesday. Kim Kyu-hong, a graduate of Youngjin High School and Korea University’s law school, joined POSCO in 1989. He has worked at POSCO’s Future Creation Academy, POSCO Plantek and POSCO International in major positions including labor, human resources, human resources innovation, and HR.

Since 2023, he has served as the CEO of POSCO Humans, which provides the best welfare and jobs for the disabled, and was appointed as the president of Jeonnam Dragons in 2024.랭크카지노

Kim Kyu-hong, the new president of Jeonnam Dragons, said, “I feel a great responsibility when I think of the Jeollanam-do residents who show unwavering support and support for the development of Jeonnam Dragons,” adding, “We will do our best to help Jeonnam Dragons leap forward to K League 1 again with Jeollanam-do residents to mark the 30th anniversary of their foundation this year.”

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